It may have been our affordable premiums and comprehensive cover that attracted you to our warranty protection, but it’s the claim experience that reflects the true value of our warranties....

Do I pay the garage and claim it back?

To save you being out of pocket, whenever possible we settle the bill with the garage.

Can I use my own garage?

Yes.  While we have nominated an approved repairer, we appreciate our policy holders may have a garage they would like to use.  If you do prefer to use your own repairer... more

What should if my car has a fault or breaks down?

Call Us - 01279 456501 (option 1)

If there’s a problem with your car, you don't wait for it to refuse to start or break down, call us, we’re here to help.  Our claims department, rated “excellent” on Trustpilot with over 5,000 reviews, will answer your call.

Even if during MOT, or routine, service your repairer notices an insured part is about to fail, call us.

Our claim managers are qualified vehicle engineers or have worked within the parts and servicing departments of dealerships.  They will guide you through the process, help locate the nearest approved repairer and work with you to get you safely back on the road as quickly as possible.

Don’t start repairs without an authorisation number

It’s really important to have authorisation from the claims department before giving the repairer permission to start any work.  Without it your claim may be invalidated.

Book your car in for repair

The claims department will help you find the nearest approved repairer. 

Book your car in and, if necessary, give them your permission to carry out fault finding.  Try to have your policy schedule and service records available just in case they are needed.


The garage will identify the cause of the breakdown and check with the claims department that the parts needing repair or replacement are covered by your warranty.

The claims department will provide an authorisation number to the garage for the repairs and costs, this is why they need your policy information and possibly service records.


To save you being out of pocket, where possible we settle authorised costs directly with the repairer.  You will just need to pay any excess and the cost of work not covered by your warranty.

Approved repairers will know the process and send details of the invoice with the authorisation number to the claims department.  

What about emergency repairs?

We understand cars can let you down outside of office hours or in a situation where it isn’t possible to call the claims department, so Click4Warranty terms make a provision for this. 

If you do find yourself in this situation, for example your car being attended by a recovery organisation when the claims office is closed, then you should:

        1. Retain any parts removed from your vehicle for inspection
        2. Obtain a vat receipt from the repairer displaying your vehicle details, the details of the repair including the cost of any part(s) and labour, the time and date the repair was diagnosed and carried out.
        3. Always make sure to contact the claims department at the earliest possible opportunity.

As with any claim, authorisation will depend on the terms of policy being followed, and parts are listed under the policy type chosen by you.

The only Insured Car Warranty with DAY ONE cover even for WEAR & TEAR, failure of insured parts identified at MOT & SERVICE with any choice of 1, 2 or 3 years cover for cars up to 12 years / 150,000 miles.  NO LIMIT ON AGE OR MILEAGE ONCE COVER STARTS