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Always ensure the warranty you buy is Insurance Backed!

    Choosing a warranty that deserves your trust...

    Choosing a warranty company that deserves your trust is easier said than done, but if the warranty you buy is Insurance backed you can rest assured many of the questions you need to ask have already been answered to the highest authority.

    All Click4Warranty policies are insured and regulated, we have a legal requirement to prove solvency to meet claims.   All our policies carry the protection of the FCA and the Ombudsman, a free service who have the final say in the event of any dissatisfaction with our cover, terms or services.

    Our Guides

    As an FCA Regulated provider, we work hard to ensure our web-site meets the stringent requirements of the Ombudsman to draw attention to significant terms.  These guides are just part of this commitment and are designed to provide clear detailed information, simplify the process and highlight the Click4Warranty ethical approach.

    Guide To Service Requirements


    Guide To What's Covered

    •  Bullet point listings
    •  Key restrictions and limitations
    •  Indication of policy features
    •  Always read policy terms for full details  
    •  Ensure the policy meets your needs

    Five Step Guide to Choosing Your Cover

    •  Choose level of cover
    •  Choose the term
    •  Choose the claim limit
    •  Choose optional protection
    •  Choose to pay monthly or in full


    Guide To Betterment

    •  Day one cover
    •  No betterment due to the age of your vehicle
    •  No betterment for vehicles under 60,000 miles
    •  Betterment for vehicles between 60,000 and 150,000 miles
    •  Betterment example

    Guide To Wear & Tear

    •  Day one cover even for wear and tear
    •  What is wear and tear
    •  All policies include wear and tear cover
    •  What to look out for if shopping around  
    •  Betterment

    FACT !
    Only if your car has covered more than 60,000 miles is there any betterment contribution!

    FACT !
    At our 300+ Approved Repairers, labour contribution ranges from zero to maximum of just £28.08ph