Choosing Your Cover

Always ensure the warranty you buy is Insurance Backed!

    Click4Warranty policies are insurance backed contracts and we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  

    As an FCA Regulated provider we ensure our web-site reflects the cover of our policies and draws attention to significant terms.

    Our guides are designed to simplify the process and highlight the Click4Warranty ethical approach.

    We Keep It Simple
    One policy, one clear set of terms, the higher the star rating, more parts are covered*
    3, 4 and 5 Star give identical cover for an extensive list of parts under engine, manual gearbox, automatic gearbox, differential, continuously variable transmission ctx, propshaft, torque converter, casings, wheel bearings and engine cooling system.

    4 Star upgrades to cover parts under clutch, brakes, steering, coil springs, working materials and limited electrical components.

    5 Star, the most comprehensive protection, covers components under front and rear wheel drive, front and rear suspension, Engine Management (ECU), fuel injection, and thorough electrical system including electric window motors, central locking and distributor.

    EXAMPLE: 1600cc Ford Focus Registered January 2011
    Premium increase 3 Star to 4 Star £6.52
    Premium increase 4 Star to 5 Star £23.86


    Choosing to purchase a second or third year now, rather than waiting for renewal, will save you £££
    All costs incurred in setting up the policy are added to the first years premium, so naturally adding a second or third year at the start saves money.

    We add to this by massively discounting years two and three even further

    EXAMPLE: 1600cc Ford Focus Registered January 2011
    Premium For 1st Year £267
    Premium For 2nd Year £54
    Premium For 3rd Year £ 40


    All levels of cover allow an unlimited number of claims during the term of the policy
    Over the term of the policy, the combined value of all claims can be up to the Glass's retail value.

    The maximum amount that can be claimed per breakdown is your choice of £3000, £5000 or £7000. This you select on the quote screen.

    As the example shows, the increase for higher claim limits is minimal ensuring all our policy holders can select the highest benefit.

    EXAMPLE: 1600cc Ford Focus Registered January 2011
    Additional premium to increase claim limit from £3000 to £5000 £3.00
    Additional premium to increase claim limit from £5000 to £7000 £4.00


    To keep premiums low, as your car may not have abs, airconditioning or a turbo, we don't include cover unless selected.
    Here you have the option, for just £10.95 each, to include cover for abs, airconditioning and turbo for up to three years!

    Cover for 4x4 can also be selected here.


    Pay in full by debit or credit card for no additional cost, or spread the cost with our unique monthly payment facility.
    Spread the cost of any one, two or three year policy by paying a 20% deposit followed by 9 monthly payments.

    • No credit check
    • No direct debit requirement
    • No credit agreement
    • No change in premium if interest rates increase
    After selecting your preferred level of cover, term and claim limit choose "BUY NOW" to pay in full or "MORE INFO" to pay monthly.

    EXAMPLE: 1600cc Ford Focus Registered January 2011
    Premium Amount £272.43
    Deposit £54.49
    9 x Monthly Instalments £26.15

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    Free to consumers, the Financial Ombudsman Service has statutory power to settle disputes

    Protection of FSCS
    Financial Services Compensation Scheme, free cover if we're unable to honour your claim