BMW - The Vehicles Range From the City BMW One Series to High Flying Seven Series Luxury.

Trying to cover the BMW Vehicle Range in one article is a very daunting task. Initially established as an aircraft engine company, BMW has spent the better part of the last 90 years establishing its worldwide dominance in innovation, motorsports, sedans, and technology in both motorcycles and cars.

The current BMW car vehicle range essentially breaks down into eight categories, or BMW car series, as they are affectionately known. These include BMW Series 1, Series 3, Series 5, Series 6, Series 7, X3, Z4, and M.
The BMW Series 1 line includes four basic body types - a 3-door, 5-door, coupe, and convertible. The Series 3 features sedans, touring cars, and coupes. Series 5 is focused on the sedan and touring car models. Series 6 features the company's sleek coupe and convertible products. The Series 7 BMW's emphasise the company's contemporary sedan models.
The X3 is a more recent line of sports utility vehicles developed by the company. It includes traditional sports activity vehicle models as well as a very stylish and sleek sports utility coupe, one of the company's more unique vehicle models.
The Z4 and M vehicle categories are among the more popular lines of cars for true BMW vehicle fans as they are linked to the company's rich motorsports legacy. The Z4 features very sleek and sporty coupes and roadsters. The M Series has a deep line of contemporary town and country offerings including Coupes, roadsters, sedans, and convertibles.

So what separates the BMW vehicle range from its competitors?

BMW has long been recognised as an established leader worldwide in high-quality vehicles. Beginning in the 1930s, the company has been an innovator in pushing forward with cutting edge design and technology in its vehicles. Additionally, the company is known worldwide as a high-performance motor sports company. Not only are the company's powerful V6 and V8 cylinder engines popular on the race ways, but they are also favourites among the Sunday drive racing dreamers.
Very few companies have the long-standing consistency of high quality production and broad success as BMW. Other car makers have experience brief stints of impressive production, but BMW has been a constant in its product classes for almost a century. Its current vehicle range is indicative of the full scope of the company's growth during that time. Whether a driver prefers the raceways, the country, the sporty family vehicle, the off road utility vehicle, or a sedan, BMW has it covered.

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