Why You Should Buy A Car Warranty Directly Online:

Buying directly from a warranty company could save you money, so rather than deal through a car dealer or insurance broker we recommend you consider the direct route. Companies like ourselves are specialist and our advice is based on dealing with warranty products on a daily basis. This makes for good, honest advice based on relevant industry experience. Policy prices can vary extensively. This is due to the fact that not all warranties offer the same levels of cover.

Click4Warranty recommend you know exactly which level of cover you need before you buy any car warranty policy and we also urge you to understand the conditions placed on a particular policy to keep that policy valid. One such example would be the upkeep of the vehicles service record. Always read the warranty document thoroughly.

The Quality Of Your Cars Warranty Cover Matters:

Providing you purchase a quality policy for your current vehicle, there is no reason why you cannot continue to enjoy the peace of mind offered by a car warranty. The most important thing is to buy sensibly from a respected insurance supplier who has a reputation for providing high-quality insurance products every time. 

The Standard Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Policy (Three Star) from Click4Warranty provides a basic level cover for cars against sudden mechanical breakdown, thus ensuring that your vehicle is in safe hands should the unexpected occur.

The ultimate in peace of mind for the modern motorist is the Three Star Mechanical Breakdown Insurance policy from Click4Warranty. It covers many mechanical and electrical components against sudden mechanical failure, giving you complete assurance that your vehicle is in safe hands should the unexpected occur. 

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