The Dangers of DIY Car Repairs

A recent survey by Auto Trader highlighted the massive increase in motorists who are attempting to save money on their car repairs by performing car maintenance jobs themselves - over half of us apparently would take on large jobs such as changing brake discs in an effort to save some cash.

While this is good news for car parts and spares retailers, it may not necessarily have the desired effect for the motorist. Owners should take care that they do not risk invalidating their used car warranty by fiddling around with things which may not be as simple as first anticipated.

Modern cars are not as easy to work on

Modern cars have increasingly complex computer systems, with various sensors and settings which allow certain mechanical and electrical components to "talk to each other" to ensure the smooth running of the vehicle.

If, for example, a person was to decide to do something as elementary (as it would have been in 'the good ole days'!) as change their car battery, they may come across a whole host of problems when trying to get the car going again - an extreme situation but a very real one in the case of certain later Volkswagen models which need the on-board computers to be "initialised" after a battery change!
The more cynical among us could be forgiven for citing conspiracy theories which see partnerships between manufacturers and service agents, robbing the poor little motorist of his hard-earned cash every time a headlamp needs changing. However, from a pure safety point of view, the results of the survey could also be viewed as somewhat alarming, if not "shocking".
The point here is that you should not attempt any type of repair to your vehicle unless you really know what you are doing. While an enthusiast could feasibly "Google" a problem, and find sites which take you through certain vehicle repairs step-by-step, this method is not recommended for a novice mechanic.

DIY Car Repairs & Your Warranty

The dangers of DIY auto repairs for the inexperienced far outweigh the savings. By shopping around, you could find a quote for your car maintenance to suit your pocket without the risks to your safety which attempting a complex job yourself could hold.

You could do more damage to your vehicle - which probably wouldn't be covered by your car warranty - and spend even more on recovery and/or repairs if you attempt a job which is beyond your capability.