Our Five Most Popular Used Cars To Buy

The used car market is full of superb vehicles. The majority of which can be purchased for a very reasonable price, ensuring the most for your money. Reliability in a used car is ultimately what buyers search for. Therefore Japanese & German cars are invariably coming out top of the list. 
Here we have listed five of the most popular cars on the UK market, this is purely our writer opinion, we hope you agree with the choice.

MPV: Toyota Avensis Verso

The Toyota Avensis Verso has been unanimously voted the best-used car in many polls & also with the title of Used Car of the Year 2008. It has been noted ultimately for its undoubted reliability. The Verso is a seven-seater MPV. As with most MPV's, it's not exhilarating to drive, however, it is quiet, comfortable, safe, spacious & reliable value for money. The Avensis Verso has firm suspension, better than many of its competitors. There are 2 trims available, the basic models even have climate control, a CD player, remote central locking, front and back electric windows & no less than 6 airbags. The T-Spirit model adds alloy wheels, roof rails & a DVD player with two headrest-mounted screens at extra costs.
The Avensis Verso has a really good engine, but don't expect any thrills as there is enough power to this heavyweight around, not provide a sporty drive. You can expect to achieve around 43.5mpg, which isn't bad to be fair.
The insurance for the Avensis Verso is reasonable coming in at band 8 or 9 depending on whether you buy the diesel or petrol MPV. When it comes to used car warranty and reliability issues, the petrol versions engines have been known to consume copious amounts of oil and in some cases, a few owners have reported early gearbox failure. Overall though, very little goes wrong mechanically and the hard-wearing materials used on the interior seem to last the test of time.

The New Fiat Pandas

This is one of the best small hatchbacks around when you're looking at affordable. There is plenty of room inside, a decent boot and it is always charismatic and fun to drive. The majority are still under the manufacturer's warranty, making for somewhat of a bargain really! Click4Warranty would be happy to quote you when it comes to extending your Fiat Warranty as we are one of the UK's leading warranty suppliers!
The Panda is as much of a pleasure to drive on the motorways as any Surrey A-road. Around town, its responsive steering and nippy acceleration make it easy to handle. The suspension cushions you from nasty bumpy town road we are all getting used to dealing with and it is pretty good at taking corners too. The interior is well designed & reasonably put together. It's spacious and fashionable. The boot is small.
The newer Fiat Panda also has some neat safety features including high-tech brakes, optional extra airbags & stability control, air-con and that all-important sunroof on the higher-end models.
The newer Fiat Panda's look to be holding their values very well. A low depreciation on these cars means that you won't lose too much money when you decide to sell it on either. In short, the new Fiat Pandas are cheap to maintain, run and insure.

Honda Civic

Let's face it, these are great cars, especially if you like the sportier hot hatch market. It's Japanese and that means great engines and excellent if not unparalleled reliability. The Civic has oodles of space inside. The Honda Civic drive, top-end speed, suspension and road noise all improve as you move up the models. The interior is nothing spectacular, functional, hardwearing and as you would expect in a Honda. The dash on the other hand will leave a smile on any little boys face, it simply looks fantastic. The boot is very spacious & provides an excellent amount of space when the rear seats fold down for those who love shopping! Buying a Honda Civic also comes in at a reasonable price, beating the likes of Ford, Vauxhall and Volkswagen when comparing prices of comparative models.
The Japanese have always build fuel-efficient vehicles and the Civic is one of the best in its class. They have low emissions and this translates directly into less car tax, saving you money. Safety features include multiple airbags and stability control. You also get an immobiliser, deadlocks and an alarm with every car. Sadly you do not get a CD player, alloys or air-con on the basic models as standard.

Ford Mondeo

The Mondeo has undoubtedly been Ford's best production. Albeit a common model, it should never be overlooked. With a Mondeo you'll get what a family needs: space & a decent level of luxury kit to keep everyone comfy. The Mondeo has proved to be sturdy over the years & there have been few grumbles with it but do avoid high mileage & ex-fleet cars like the plague. The Mondeo's have always been powerful & relatively, smooth. They are a spacious & comfy car, there's plenty of room for you plus the family, shopping & luggage. The boot is huge & versatile. Mondeo's tend to just keep on going. They have good levels of safety & security equipment, plus extras such as a CD player, remote central locking & air-con. Further up the model range, CD multi changers, alloy wheels & leather upholstery is available.
After the first huge lump of depreciation, the remaining drops in value are much slighter. When buying a new Ford Mondeo, we would suggest that you consider GAP insurance which can be purchased online from specialist insurers, potentially saving you a fortune when compared to the new car dealer prices. You should also get well over 30mpg from the petrol cars & near to 50mpg from the TDCi diesel. Insurance groups are also generally good except for the powerful models, such as the V6 petrol & 2.2-litre diesel. Due to the reliability, you shouldn't need to fix it too often. Generally, labour rates are acceptable, so basic servicing & maintenance won't be too extreme.

Audi A4

Because Audi has just launched a new A4 over the last year or so, there are now some excellent deals on the previous model. After all, it is a true supercar to drive, own or just be a passenger in. It may not be as exciting as the BMW 3-Series, but it is one of the best-equiped cars on the market & has a huge range of engines, from turbo-diesel to the more powerful fuel-injected petrol engines. Don't forget that stunning, high-performance flagship RS4 model. RS stands for RennSport. Some models in the RS range come with Brembo six-piston brakes, ceramic brakes and vented discs, not to mention permanent 4wd and over 400 bhp! It is solid & exceptionally well built as you would expect from Audi. The materials are high class & there's more than enough kit, including plenty of safety equipment.

The A4 is spacious, the boot is as sizeable as the 3 Series. Most models are refined long-distance vehicles & they cushion you from the bumps & potholes with ease. The front-wheel-drive & Quattro four-wheel-drive versions have enough grip to safely handle any tricky corners. You get to choose from three main trim levels >> basic, SE and Sport. The A4 should cost you less to maintain than a BMW 3 Series, Jaguar X-type, Lexus IS or Mercedes C-Class, naturally. Insurance costs are good in comparison to rivals. The cheapest to insure, the 1.6-litre, is group 10, but the S4, is group 20. Group 20 is the most expensive car insurance group and we would advise that you seriously look at the car insurance premium price before you buy one.

We are always happy to extend both an Audi or BMW car warranty as they really are such great cars. The thrifty engines ensure low running costs, but ultimately, the A4 holds its value. It'll still be worth a substantial amount when it's time to sell on. Audi has a good reputation & the A4 is no exception. However, it's not without its niggles. There have been reports of faulty air-con & synchromesh on manual gearboxes, ignition coils & front suspension, but little else. High-mileage vehicles are best to avoid, stick to clean, vigilant one-owner models.