Get an extended vehicle warranty for your Jaguar

Jaguar Cars: the company was founded in 1922 and started out manufacturing motorcycles. Although Jaguar cars gained a reputation for unreliability during the 1970s and 1980s, under Ford the reliability and build quality of these cars have improved dramatically.
Jaguar is synonymous with style - showing off exhilarating and cat-like muscular lines which are chic but not in your face. Lightweight aluminium means performance is never compromised and a true love affair has always been there for the British public. Although this British car manufacturer focuses strongly on power and innovation, Jaguar has always had a deep understanding of building luxury cars.
Today Jaguar may be owned by the Ford Motor Group, but they still capture a market of their own. Jaguar have recently added even more appeal to the 'must have XKR' with the unveiling of the all-new special edition Portfolio model.
The S-TYPE interior blends all the strengths of traditional JAGUAR craftsmanship and attention to detail, with contemporary design. Your car has the highest quality upholstery, fine leathers, and the choice of highly polished wooden veneers - or contemporary aluminium. The plush, leather seats of SE models feature colour-keyed upper facia and door top rolls, redesigned classic leather seats and leather-trimmed four-spoke steering wheel.
Today a Jaguar is produced with the highest build quality by Jaguar automotive specialist production staff. Jaguar's pre-owned vehicles program is an exhaustive inspection process designed to ensure the integrity of select pre-owned Jaguar cars. So whatever the reason you own a Jaguar look no further than for an extended car warranty.

XJ6 and XJ12 are Iconic Cars.

In the British television series Minder for those of you who remember, Arthur Daley was generally to be seen driving a Jaguar XJ6, the same goes for the actor Edward Woodward in the late 80's series BS TV series The Equalizer.
Between 1973 and 1979 77000 Jaguar XJ6 were built. Jaguar was already famous for its six cylinder saloon range and soon introduced the newer sleeker version in the mid 70's. Buyers could choose from a 4.2 and 3.4 litre engine. Jaguar also produced a 2.8 litre engine which was for export only. It was during this time that Jaguar had become known for poor quality workmanship under British Leyland.
Today these graceful, powerful saloons are becoming increasingly collectable and are gaining their deserved respect at last.
But let's face it, not everyone wants to know that if you drive an older Jaguar there are 100's of salvage Jaguar cars that can be used for parts as well as factory original and quality aftermarket Jaguar parts and accessories available on the UK market. So for those who do, we are sure you already know, and for those who don't then here's to your new health, wealth and prosperity with your beautiful big cat by your side. Long live Jaguar, we love them.
When thinking about buying an extended warranty for your used Jaguar or extending your current Warranty whether you bought it privately or through a dealer consider the following...
There are a wide range of mechanical breakdown policies (Car Warranty) available today. All are designed to protect buyers against the costs of sudden and unforeseen failure of a specified list of components on your vehicle. The covered components may vary according to the age and mileage of the vehicle, ranging from policies that provide wide protection on newer motors or used vehicles that are only a few years old, through to more limited covers for much older or higher mileage vehicles (50 000 miles or 60 000 miles is a fairly common benchmark here).

It is very important that you are offered the correct policy for the vehicle you are buying. Therefore you should really understand the level of you cover need for the particular model of vehicle you are buying to ensure that you actually do buy cover for the parts that are prone to failure. Generally, with a used car warranty the more extensive the level of cover i.e. protection includes a big range of components, the more you should expect to pay. You should generally pay less for a policy with a restricted list of parts covered. Find out what the weaknesses are for the model of vehicle you are buying and get a policy to protect yourself armed with this knowledge.

More About Extending A Car Warranty

When buying a new Jaguar you will automatically be given a manufacturer’s warranty. The Manufacturer’s warranty can be valid for a period of between one and three years. Now there is a point which can often cause confusion so here is our chance to clarify for you. Under a standard manufacturers warranty you are free to get your car serviced at any service station/garage in the UK and still benefit from the manufacturer’s new car warranty, providing the service is carried out to the car manufacturer’s recommendations and you have informed the policy provider who you will be using.

A used car dealership could also offer a warranty that extends a two-year warranty to three years for you. Such a dealer based warranty may have many more restrictions in the small print over the original manufacturer’s warranty, so be aware of this. Some of the restrictions could be things like limiting the mileage to a maximum of 60 000 miles or that services must be done by the same dealer who has given you the warranty. Policies May Also Have Other Limits.

Car Warranty Policies will often have a maximum amount payable for any claim; this may range from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds. You are advised to check the adequacy of these limits bearing in mind the cost of breakdown for major components when deciding on the upper limits of your cover. Some warranty policies have a mileage contribution clause, in which case you would have to pay something if your vehicle was improved following repair. They may also have a maximum amount payable during the life of the policy. There may be an excess that you will need to pay yourself if you have to make a claim. Some automotive components may have specific claim limits or excesses applied to them as well.

The Old Wear and Tear Clause

The majority of Jaguar Used Car Warranty Policies or MBI policies as you will have heard it referred to are NOT maintenance contracts and therefore do not cover breakdown costs that arise through normal wear and tear on your Jaguar. "Wear and tear" is the expected reduction in quality generally a moving part due to the cars age, mileage and/or use. 
Click4Warranty would like to make it abundantly clear that you should be aware that an engine failure is very often a direct result of ’wear and tear’. If you do not want your Jaguar Car Warranty provider to reject a claim for this very reason Click4Warranty suggest that you ensure that it is clearly stated in the terms and conditions that both "mechanical breakdown" and "wear and tear" are covered by your policy.

One of the truly iconic British brands, Jaguar epitomises everything that is great about the automotive industry in the UK. They have been manufacturing some of the most desirable luxury cars for a generation and show no signs of slowing down. Quite the opposite in fact. In September 2013, its parent company, Jaguar Land Rover unveiled plans to open a £100 million research and development centre in Warwick, ensuring that Jaguar enthusiasts can look forward to stylish and innovative Jaguar cars for years to come.
If you are the proud owner of a piece of British motoring excellence, then have you thought about how you would cover the cost of repairs and replacement parts should the unthinkable happen? Having your Jaguar off the road would be bad enough but being hit in the pocket as well would compound things. To protect yourself against the unwelcome financial implications of a mechanical breakdown, an extended Jaguar Warranty is the answer.

Warranty for Jaguar

Don't allow your current Jaguar Warranty to expire without investigating your options for extending the warranty cover for your new or approved used Jaguar. Click4Warranty has three different levels of extended Warranty for Jaguar cover for you to choose from, ensuring that there is a Jaguar Warranty that will provide you with the right level of cover in the event of a breakdown.

As with all insurance policies, when searching for extended Jaguar Warranty deals it is easy to overlook certain exclusions if you are not sure what to look out for. With car warranty cover, it is imperative that any policy you select does not exclude wear and tear.

This is a widely used term among car insurance providers that describes the gradual decline of a part's efficiency due to unavoidable factors like car age, mileage and use. Believe it or not, many Jaguar Warranty providers will invalidate claims because wear and tear was the source of failure to the part that caused the breakdown. This would be unacceptable for the customer because it would likely see their claim rejected, even if the part itself was covered under the terms of the Warranty for Jaguar policy.

Where should I go for the best Jaguar Warranty deals?

To ensure you do not become a victim of the wear and tear exclusion, we cannot stress enough how important it is to check the small print of any Jaguar Warranty policy that you are considering. Think seriously about the value of any deal that does not offer both mechanical breakdown and failure of an insured component due to wear and tear as standard.

This is simply not an issue if you select a policy from Click4Warranty because this protection is included as standard under the terms of our Warranty for Jaguar cover. In addition, you will not be hit with a higher premium if your car has a higher mileage so we are confident that you will not find better Jaguar Warranty deals anywhere else.
The Warranty for Jaguar solutions we offer gives unbeatable value for money, which goes a long way to explaining why we are recognised as the UK's most trusted provider of extended Jaguar Warranty cover. Unlike many of our competitors, we endeavour to present the very best insurance solutions direct to the customer rather than through price comparison websites. This has enabled us to build and retain a fiercely loyal client base, which continues to increase dramatically through word of mouth referrals.
Make Click4Warranty your first port of call for evaluating your Jaguar Warranty options. We are convinced that you will find a policy to suit from our three levels of Warranty for Jaguar cover.