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What are the benefits of going direct to a warranty supplier rather than a dealership?

If you are buying a used car, it is worth considering a used car warranty. One of the main benefits of purchasing a used car warranty is that it can shield the owner from having to bear the brunt of the cost should anything go wrong.

What are the central benefits of paying for a used car warranty policy in instalments?

First things first, what is a used car warranty? Also known as a dealer or after-market warranty, depending on whether you purchased cover from the dealer or found a policy yourself, these serve a number of different purposes.

What is covered by a 5-star warranty policy and why should I consider it?
Making the decision to invest in a used car warranty means you are insured for the cost of mechanical and electrical repairs that are needed on your car, including parts and labour. But not all car warranties are the same though, and you need to find one that suits your individual needs. Many people actually base their decision to buy a car on whether it comes with a warranty attached.

Why you should buy a vehicle warranty that goes the extra mile?
First things first, why should you buy a vehicle warranty at all? The unstable economy and soaring cost of living has left many motorists out of pocket, with many struggling to stump up the necessary funds to cover the cost of petrol, insurance and maintenance costs. A car warranty acts as a financial comfort blanket, giving you peace of mind in the event of a mechanical breakdown.

Youngsters could be priced off the road as survey estimates car costs will soak up a fifth of the average salary
The rising cost of living has adversely affected Brits across the country, with motorists being hit particularly hard. In a revelation that perhaps does not come as a surprise given the soaring cost of petrol and insurance, recent research from MoneySupermarket has revealed that 40% of Brits have been forced to reduce the amount they drive and that 6% have had to stop driving completely.