Mitsubishi Car Warranty

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The history of Mitsubishi started in 1870 when Yataro Iwasaki created a shipping company with three aging steamships. The nephew, son and brother of Yataro expanded the Mitsubishi business to other industries and they worked seamlessly until WWII when the original organisation was disbanded. However, it was in 1921 when Mitsubishi’s ICEMC from Nagoya invited Herbert Smith, British Sopwith Camel’s chief engineer and other Sopwith engineers in order to help them in the aircraft design business. They ended up moving to Japan where they created aircraft models like the Mitsubishi 2MR, 1MF, B1M, 1MT and others.

During WWII, Mitsubishi were involved in several Imperial Japanese Navy contracts – creating the A6M Zero long-range fighter aircraft, the battleship Musashi and more. The A6M Zero was mostly used by the navy pilots from Japan, and was also included in kamikaze attacks. The Allied pilots admired the handling of these planes.

The Mitsubishi company was one of the many targeted specifically for dissolution purposes. This is why it was split into multiple smaller companies. The twist here is that these small companies were unable to use the Mitsubishi trademark and name, not to mention that they could not work with one another. In 1952 these restrictions were lifted, and allowed Mitsubishi to grow to what it is today. 

The extended car warranty for Mitsubishi vehicles is basically an extension of the defect warranty offered by the manufacturer. In order to get this, you will need to ask the following:

Do I receive any coverage against failure due to wear and tear?

Does the warranty cover me against overheating-caused failures?

Do I receive any coverage if I need repairs due to issues caused by a part that was not insured?

Will I receive any coverage if there are any failures found during MoT or servicing?

Will the warranty allow me to choose if I want the car to be serviced or repaired?

Do I receive any coverage if I encounter failure from oiled gradation, even if the car received the proper servicing?

Mitsubishi ASX 

The family-friendly Mitsubishi ASX is a SUV crossover, featuring a spacious and well-equipped cabin. Though the interior quality could have been better, the ASX competes well in its class due to its comparatively low price and smooth handling.

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Mitsubishi Colt

Colt is a great supermini that features great equipment and reliability. It is a really fun drive that offers a surprising amount of space for four adults, with all the features you need. It offers very good value for money.  

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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution / Evo

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, or “Evo” for short, is an all-wheel-drive sports sedan with two litre turbocharged engines. Its running costs are far from low, but that can be forgiven after experiencing its superb handling and electrifying pace.  

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Mitsubishi L200

The L200 has been a popular pickup since the very first model was released back in 1978. The latest models set a very high standard when it comes to overall performance, carrying capacity, economy and more. There is very little not to like about the L200.  

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Mitsubishi Outlander

The Outlander is a powerful SUV car that ticks all the right boxes – easy to drive, a comfortable ride, decent comfort, spacious - but doesn’t offer anything truly exceptional to make it stand out. Also available in a new plug-in hybrid version, the Outlander PHEV.   

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Mitsubishi Shogun

The Mitsubishi Shogun is the latest in their range of mid-size SUVs, with the latest model being a significant improvement over its predecessors. That said, it does not offer the best drive and the engine can be quite noisy. But its performance in off-road conditions is almost unparalleled.    

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