The Benefits of a New Car Warranty

Excitement At The Dealers

For most new car owners, the excitement and enthusiasm that comes with buying a new car draws much of the attention and energy following the purchase. However, as important as it is for a new car buyer to find the right car, it is equally important to ensure the car is a good investment.

One pertinent item that helps to make a car purchase a practical buy is a new car warranty. This is essentially an insurance or protection instrument that gives peace of mind to car shoppers. It helps the buyer feel confident that the car will work, and if not, the guarantor will deal with the consequences. 

New Models Sales:

Many great new car models have generated extreme popularity among car buyers. Some of the biggest selling models during 2021 include the Vauxhall Corsa, Ford Fiesta and Nissan Qashqai. While these cars are great vehicles, they all have inherent strengths and weaknesses.

The strengths of each vehicle are what cause buyers to purchase them. The weaknesses and potential challenges are what should motivate buyers to obtain a high quality new car warranty.

What A New Car Warranty Provides:

The problem for many new car buyers is that they do no have a good understanding of what a new car warranty is and what it provides. Most consumers are not aware that there are actually multiple types of new car warranties and various guarantors of the protection plans.

Car manufacturer's usually offer some basic warranty protections up to a certain mileage limit or time period. This is their incentive to encourage dealers to carry, and customers to buy their vehicles. Many new and used car dealers also offer their own warranty protection. As manufacturers want dealers and consumers to feel safe, new car dealers want their buyers to feel secure in making a new purchase. 

The purpose of manufacturer and dealer new car warranty protection is to let buyers know that if basic components of the car breakdown within the warranty period, the guarantor assumes liability for repairs. Even high quality manufacturers and credible dealers cannot prevent an occasional flaw or defect with a new car model. The warranty gives the new car buyer a chance to drive the car enough to get a sense for whether it will be a stable and durable vehicle. Most new car warranty plans offered by manufacturers and dealers have limited coverage and expire within a specified period of time.

New Car Warranty Plans:

An additional source of a new car warranty, often unfamiliar to consumers, is after market new car warranty plans. These are plans sold by independent car warranty companies that specialise in this product. Just as many car buyers are not knowledgeable about their warranty options, most also do not comprehend that independent car warranty sellers come in all shapes and sizes. Some companies sell very modest protection plans and provide limited service and support.

After Market Provides:

After market car insurance companies typically enter consideration for car buyers when their original manufacturer or dealer new car warranty is about to expire. Many new car buyers want to maintain the insurance or security of having a car policy that protects against non-routine breakdowns or repairs. A quality car warranty company should have a well-rounded, detailed protection plan that clearly establishes what repairs and parts are covered, for how long, and what terms apply.

The company should also provide adequate service and support to the car owner and be available to answer questions about the car warranty policy and protection. An after-market car warranty may also be known as an extended car warranty and they may also be called used car warranties. 

Models Specific Weaknesses:

Another important thing for car owners to keep in mind is that each new car, including the most popular models mentioned, comes with certain common weaknesses. Smaller, more compact cars often have a harder time with weather related wear and tear and struggle on unpaved roads. Several leading cars have also been noted as having noted for problems related to safety features including seat belts. The key is for the owner to understand what risks are posed with a particular vehicle. Questions about potential flaws should be researched and addressed prior to making a new car purchase. Buyers should be sure that a new car warranty from a manufacturer or dealer protects most commonly noted concerns. 
After market policies can usually be purchased in various packages and at different levels. For instance, basic protection plans typically cover mechanical breakdowns. This type of car warranty would work best with cars that have no overwhelmingly glaring problems but might be prone to minor mechanical issues. A higher level of protection might include more comprehensive mechanical coverage as well as protection for other times of electrical breakdowns. This level of coverage would give many car owners a satisfying level of coverage. 
While all warranty policies protect against failure to specific components of the vehicle, most manufacturer and dealer warranties do not offer full protection, in many cases this is the same for most after market warranties sold. The higher quality policies naturally have a higher level of protection, however for those who are still reading this article we would like to reiterate very strongly that with any motor warranty policy you will get a level of cover which is directly related to the amount you pay for that policy. For comprehensive cover and ultimate peace of mind Click4Warranty recommend owners who invest in expensive vehicles like the Land Rover be sure to research and read the fine print before buying a new car warranty.
The FSA is very clear on the rules: Financial Products should be clearly explained and not confuse or mislead the intended buyers in any way. The golden rule here is : Not all plans are equal and not all sellers are equal. Protection should begin immediately, and providers should offer services that support the vehicle owner in their times of need.

The Benefits Of Extending Your Current Car Warranty.

Many older vehicles between three and five years are not likely to still be under their original warranty, so many dealers include mechanical breakdown insurance to increase their chance of selling that vehicle. Theses policies are generally very short and have major restrictions, so they may not always provide the level of cover that you really expect. Choose a used car from a manufacturer’s approved used scheme and the quality of the vehicle and any warranty that it comes with is likely to be a notch up on other deals. This is because that dealers company has a vested interest in selling only the best used cars and a bad warranty could damage their reputation.