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Based in Nishi-ku in Japan, the Nissan Motor Company was founded back in 1933 by Yoshisuke Aikawa, and has become the sixth-largest car manufacturer in the world today. 

Nissan has long had close ties with UK vehicle manufacturers. Back in 1952, Nissan entered into a partnership with Austin, which required Nissan to manufacture 2,000 cars in Japan under the Austin trademark. These cars consisted of imported partially-assembled sets, and locally-sourced Japanese parts. It was a highly beneficial deal for both companies involved, as Nissan benefitted from the British patents and technology, which they used to improve their production line as well!

Overall, Nissan produced over 20,000 Austin-branded vehicles between 1953 and 1959.

In terms of sports cars, Nissan’s most famous model is the Datsun 240z. Released back in 1969, it featured a six-cylinder engine; and rightfully elevated Nissan to the list of top vehicle manufacturers. The 240z eventually paved the way for the development of the Nissan GT-R.

All the Nissan GT-R engines that were developed, were invariably a result of the same four men named Takumi, which meant “Master Craftsmen”. These four individuals had worked all their way up in the development of engines.

Nissan is not only known for creating some of the best sports cars, they have also made a name for themselves in the hybrid and electric cars market. Some of their most popular offerings include the Nissan Leaf, which boasts an impressive hundred miles of mileage in a single charge!

The Nismo brand is represents Nissan in the motorsport category. It mainly deals in tuning kits and other after-market performance parts that go into some of the popular cars such as Nismo RR33 Skyline 400R and S14 Silvia 270R.

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Extended Car Warranty for Nissan

The extended car warranty we provide is an extension of the manufacturing defect warranty. When you are planning to avail an extended car warranty for your Nissan, you will have to take into consideration the following aspects:

• Are you covered for failure as a result of wear and tear?

• If there is damage caused due to overheating, will the extended car warranty be effective?

• If there are repairs resulting from the usage of an uninsured part, will the warranty cover it?

• In case of failures that are found during regular service cycles, will the warranty cover it?

• Do I get the option to choose from where I can service or repair the car?

• If there are oil degradations in the engine despite regular servicing, will the warranty cover it?

370z NISMO

The newer model of 350z, the standard Nissan 370z is a spacious car with a wonderful performance. It has an amazing acceleration and handling; due to which it is a favorite among sports car owners. First introduced in 2009, the 370Z NISMO version saw a host of improvements implemented over the the standard 370z – such as more power and improved handling, with a 6-speed manual transmission. The latest 2015 model features an automatic 7-speed transmission.  

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A sub-compact car with surprisingly great performance considering its fuel efficiency, the Nissan Almera offers a comfortable drive, and is ideal for a small family.

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One of the best sports coupé seen on roads today, the GT-R is an amazing car that can be yours at a fraction of the price of a typical sports car. However, the GT-R’s performance is similar – you can take it from 0-60 mph within 2.8 seconds, making it very competitive with more expensive models. 

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A tall SUV crossover, the Nissan Juke is a visually appealing vehicle. It is smaller and cheaper than the popular Qashqai; thereby making it a great alternative purchase. 

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A highly popular car in the UK, the Nissan Micra is a great choice for people who are looking for excellent mileage and low insurance costs. The easy-driving Micra is one of the best cars for small families, and people who are learning to drive.  

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A popular pick-up truck from Nissan, it has been on the roads since 1997. While it features great cabin comfort, it boasts a sturdy look and impressive towing capacity. With its 4x4 capabilities, the Navara excels in both off-road and urban conditions.

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The Note is a mini multi-purpose car that offers a surprising amount of interior space. It has exceptional fuel efficiency – because of its low-friction power units and aerodynamic design. The Nissan Note is suitable for cities or open roads.

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A 4x4 from Nissan, it can be recognized easily by its iconic elongated front end. The Pathfinder is spacious, while the ride quality is excellent as well. It has well-proven off-road capabilities and is a great SUV if you are in the market for one!  

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A gigantic 4x4 from Nissan, the Nissan Patrol is high on power and can handle just about any challenge you set it. However, if you’re looking for excellent fuel economy to partner its great power, you’d be better off looking somewhere else.  

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A result of the collaboration between Nissan and Suzuki, this car is highly fuel-efficient and offers great value for money. It excels in city commutes, and the low insurance prices make the Nissan Pixo a top choice.  

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An executive car, the Nissan Primera can get you cruising on a motorway without making you uncomfortable, owing to its excellent space and ride quality. It offers great fuel economy.

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Designed to appeal to the modern car owners, the Pulsar is a great car to consider if you admire the Qashqai but you also want a smaller vehicle. It is comfortable, offers great fuel economy and loads of interior space. 

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A SUV Crossover that has established Nissan’s presence in the UK, the Nissan Qashqai has classy and plush interiors while offering an excellent drive quality. Also, the acceleration offered by this car is truly amazing!  

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With a perfect blend of size, power and comfort, the Nissan X-Trail is an incredible SUV. And rough terrain is no problem for the X-Trail!  

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