Pitfalls when Buying a Used Car from a Dealer

Buying From A Used Car from a dealership

There are many advantages to buying used cars direct from a dealer. Dealers typically are more reputable and offer a better commitment to quality and service than a buyer would find from a private seller of a used vehicle. Buyers also know where to find used car dealerships and are more likely to have recourse in the event the car does not work or there are undisclosed issues. Many dealers also offer used car warranties. 

Despite these advantages of buying used cars direct from a car dealership, there are certainly some common pitfalls that buyers face. The first caution for buyers of used cars is to be aware of the general condition of the vehicle and the used car warranty offered by the dealer. Buyers can get a sense of the cars' condition by examining the inside and outside and going for a test drive. They can also review the used car full service history and check the mileage. These are all good research items to validate that a used car offers reasonably good quality.

Make A Close Inspection Of The Vehicle:

Not all used car dealers are equal. This is another axiom that buyers need to take to heart. Even the reputable dealerships will tell you this. Some dealers maintain a better reputation for good quality, honesty, and service than others. Dealers that offer good value take the time to ensure the vehicles they carry and sell are in good working condition and are fairly priced. Less reputable used car and van dealers may try to cover up more problematic issues with regard to the function of the car, by attempting to beautify the exterior and giving the car you're interested in a better first impression than it really should. Always take someone with you who has some knowledge of cars when viewing a potential you are really interested in! 

Not All Car Dealers Offer Equal Levels Of Service:

There are no guarantees when a used car buyer makes a purchase that the car will be all that you expected or that the motor dealer you buy from will follow through with his service commitment to you. All car buyers need to protect themselves by carefully researching the Used Car Dealer they intend to use and the cars they offer for sale. A dealer that has been in business for a while and has a good reputation is more likely to meet the your needs as a buyer. A dealership that has not been around long or has had a questionable record with customer service in the past should be a far less appealing dealer for you to buy from. Similarly, some careful examination and extensive review of used cars should be undertaken by all buyers. A good place to do this is online magazines and car reviews like those found at Sky motors or MSN Motors. 

Another important component to the used car purchase is the availability of a used car warranty. Used Car Warranties communicate to the buyer what responsibility the dealer assumes with regard to the car's function and repairs. Some used vehicle dealers sell cars "as is", meaning they assume no responsibility. Good quality dealers provide some type of insurance or used car warranty protection to give their buyers peace of mind.

The Benefits Of An Extended Car Warranty

Many vehicles between three and five years are not likely to still be under their original car warranty, so many dealers include mechanical breakdown insurance to increase their chance of selling that vehicle. Theses policies are generally very short and have major restrictions, so they may not always provide the level of cover that you really expect. Choose a used car from a manufacturer’s approved used scheme and the quality of the vehicle and any warranty that it comes with is likely to be a notch up on other deals. This is because that dealers company has a vested interest in selling only the best used cars and a bad warranty could damage their reputation.