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What Makes Us So Unique?

  • FREE optional vehicle inspection included with every policy
  • One step quote process, no need to register
  • Cover against Wear & Tear included as standard
  • No Service History required
  • 21 day money back guarantee
  • Up to 7000 claim value per breakdown
  • Cover from day one.

Policy Summary

This policy summary provides some important facts about Click4Warranty Mechanical Breakdown Insurance. For full details of all your Policy benefits and the complete terms and conditions please refer to the Policy Terms & Conditions. These can be viewed online and a copy will be provided by email after your policy is taken out. You have 21 days to decide if you wish to cancel the policy and receive a full refund.

What Is Mechanical Breakdown Insurance?

Click4WarrantyMechanical Breakdown Insurance is designed to pay towards the costs of parts and labour for repairs following the breakdown of an insured part.

What Is A Claim Limit?

This is the maximum amount payable on each and every claim. Three claim values are available for all policy types; £3,000, £5,000, £7,000

What Is A Policy Tye?

We offer one Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Policy, with one clear set of terms and benefits. It's just part of our commitment to providing a simple solution to warranty requirements. The star rating indicates the extent of parts that are insured...

3 Star
Affordable protection that pays toward the cost of parts and labour for repair or replacement of the most essential car components.

4 Star
Extensive affordable cover that pays toward the cost of parts and labour for repair or replacement of everything listed in 3Star plus an additional wide ranging list of universal car components.

5 Star
Provides cover that pays toward the cost of parts and labour for repair or replacement of all parts listed in 3 and 4 Star plus an additional comprehensive list that ensures the ultimate in peace of mind for todays motorist. Designed to help with bills which arise when most mechanical or electrical faults that require expert repair.

What Is A Policy Schedule?

Your Schedule shows your details as submitted by you and the policy type (insured parts), date the policy was purchased, claim limit, optional supplementary cover you have chosen.


This Click4Warranty policy is suitable for :

  • New and used vehicles
  • Vehicles purchased privately or through a trade entity irrespective of how long ago you purchased.
  • Under contract hire or any style of leasing agreement.

Your vehicle is eligible for this cover if:

  • It is under 12 years old.
  • It has covered less than 150,000 miles.
  • It has full, partial or no service history

Significant Features And Benefits

Pays towards the costs of parts and labour for repairs following the breakdown of an insured part.
FREE optional vehicle inspection with every policy
For your peace of mind every one of our warranties includes a unique FREE non-compulsory vehicle inspection. To provide this service we have teamed up with the respected National Service Network (NSN) who have over 500 vehicle service centres covering the UK and Northern Ireland. If you have recently purchased your car, our national inspection service offers you the peace of mind that no major problems exist. If you have owned your car for some time, the FREE inspection will reassure you that your car is safe and roadworthy. For your convenience a free collection and delivery service is provided.

Cover against breakdown due to WEAR & TEAR included as standard
"Wear and tear" is the expected reduction in performance of a part due to the cars age, mileage and/or use. Many companies exclude it, others charge a premium to cover it. All our policies cover breakdown of an insured part attributed to wear and tear.

No increase in premium for high mileage cars
Most warranty providers penalise high mileage car drivers irrespective of whether a claim is made or not by charging more for the warranty. Click4Warranty don't, instead we require a contribution toward the cost of repairs in the event of a valid claim. This is known as "The Z Scale" and means instead of paying a premium loading at the outset, there is a contribution for "betterment" in the event of a claim. Not unreasonable as the car is in better condition than it was before!

One policy, 3 levels of cover
Click4Warranty offer just one warranty Policy, with one clear set of terms and conditions. It's all part of our commitment to providing you with a simple solution to your warranty requirements. The star rating indicates the extent of parts that are insured.

Parts and labour covered
Your Click4Warranty policy pays toward the costs of parts and labour for repair or replacement of an insured component.

Choice of claim limits
All Click4Warranty policies have a choice of three substantial claim limits, £3,000, £5,000 and £7,000. This is the maximum amount payable on each and every claim.

Unlimited number of claims
You can make an unlimited number of claims and we will apply the single claim limit to each claim. The maximum amount we will pay "in total" during the term of the policy is set at the Glass's Guide retail value of your car at the time of claim.

Cover from day one
Sudden, unknown and unexpected failures are covered from the day your policy starts.

No annual mileage restriction
The Click4Warranty policy has no limit on the annual mileage you drive. Your car will continue to be protected by a Click4Warranty policy until it has covered 150,000 miles

Claims handled over the phone
All you need to do is pick up the phone and call us. To keep the process quick and simple we process everything over the 'phone.

Claims settled directly with the repairer
Wherever possible, to avoid your being out of pocket, we will settle authorised claims directly with the repairer.

Vehicle Recovery included
Up to £100 towards the cost of recovery to the repairing garage

Replacement Car Hire included
Up to £30 a day towards the cost of a replacement vehicle while your car is being repaired.

Overnight accommodation and rail fares included
Up to £60 towards hotel expenses or a return rail ticket.

European Cover included
Up to 60 days cover for driving in the Republic of Ireland and mainland Europe

Clear and definitive Terms & Conditions
In 2003 the Insurer saw an opportunity and became a partner, immediately providing us the enviable flexibility to write terms & conditions that are clear and definitive.

21 day money back guarantee
Unlike other providers we allow you 21 days (not the standard 14) from the date the policy was purchased to cancel your policy and receive a FULL refund.

Cover may be transferred to new private owner
A warranty is a valuable selling tool if you decide to sell your car. The warranty may be transferred to the new owner, simply call us to request the transfer and we will transfer the balance of your policy to the new owner. We do require a &pound25 contribution from you toward the administration costs. Conditions do apply (for example we cannot transfer the policy if you sell your car to a motor dealer).

What's Not Covered

Significant Exclusions

  • Breakdown or damage caused by overheating, corrosion, frost, the use of incorrect fuel, oil, lubricant or coolant.
  • Routine adjustments and service items
  • Where the vehicles is not serviced in line with the conditions of this policy
  • Any form of consequential loss whatsoever.
  • Costs incurred prior to us issuing you with a claims authorisation number
  • Pre existing faults
  • VAT content of any claim where the insured is VAT registered.
  • Excluded vehicles, including (but not limited to) LPG, electric or hybrid powered vehicles; Daimler 12 cylinder models; Honda NSX; Hummer, Jaguar vehicles over 4000cc; Mercedes AMG; Mitsubishi 3000 GT; Nissan 300ZX/Skyline; Porsche; Mazda RX7 and RX8; Subaru WRX (please see terms and conditions for full list)
  • Vehicles that are or have been used for hire or reward, as a taxi, self drive hire, by a driving school, commercial delivery purposes, customised or fitted with equipment not approved by the manufacturer.
  • Any claim that's reported to us more than 14 days after the relevant fault is discovered.
  • Any claim that falls within the scope of your road traffic insurance (motor insurance)
  • The first &pound10 of any claim.

Important Notes

Your Right of Cancellation
If having examined your policy you decide not to proceed, you have 21 days from the date you purchased the policy to cancel. We will refund the premium you've paid, in full.

Claims Under The Policy
Click4Warranty claims are processed entirely by 'phone, ensuring a fast, effective and simple claims procedure. Wherever possible, to avoid your being out of pocket, we will settle authorised claims directly with the repairer.

To allow us to deal with your claim efficiently please observe the following...

      1. Check your policy type covers the part(s) which have caused the breakdown.
      2. Call us at the first opportunity if you believe you may need to make a claim.
      3. Do not ask the repairer to notify us of a claim, this must be done by you the policy holder.
      4. If a repair is started without an authorisation number from us the costs will be your responsibility and will automatically invalidate any claim under this policy.
      5. Please ensure you provide your schedule and service records to the repairing garage.
      6. Details of the full claims procedure is shown on section 12 of the policy.

If You Have A Problem
Our aim is to provide the highest level of service to You at all times in dealing with all aspects of Your Insurance. If You feel We have not achieved Our aim, please inform Us. Your feedback enables Us to monitor and improve the service We provide.
In the first instance, please contact Our Customer Services Manager by telephone on 0844 50 90 303 or e-mail to email@click4group.co.uk.

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Financial Ombudsman Service contact numbers are:
0800 023 4 567 (calls to this number are normally free for people ringing from a "fixed line" phone – but charges may apply if you call from a mobile phone) 0300 123 9 123 (calls to this number are charged at the same rate as 01 or 02 numbers on mobile phone tariffs)

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Please note that an Insurance Summary does not contain the full terms and conditions of the Insurance product. For full details of all your policy benefits and the complete terms and conditions please refer to the Policy Terms & Conditions.