Extended car warranties for Porsche

The Porsche History

The Porsche Company has stood the test of time and has built up its reputation for producing luxury super sports cars. The Porsche 356 was the first Porsche to be produced and is still a highly sought after classic car to own. The original 356 had a 40 horsepower engine that was rear-mounted. This classic car rolled off the assembly line in 1950 and an updated speedster model was released in 1954. The last 356 was produced in 1965.
The vehicle that put Porsche on the map and became its flagship vehicle is the 911. In 1965 the 911 rolled off the assembly line. It had a powerful 2.0 litre six cylinder engine. As soon as the 911 was introduced to the world it became an almost instant sportscar icon.
The 911 was created to replace the 356 and the creative process took a long time. The first prototype for the 911 was called the "Type 7". Later on, an all-new engine with overhead camshafts was created for the 911. This engine had developed over the years and is what gives the 911 excellent performance powers.
After years in development, the 911 was debut as a sleek sporty coupe that had shiny chrome accents. It could go from zero to sixty in 9 seconds and had a top speed of 134 mph. This icon performance car is still highly sought after and is the signature vehicle for the Porsche brand. Besides being successful in manufacturing high-performance sports cars the Porsche Company is also doing well in the racing circuit. The company's cars were winning races all over the world including, Le Mans, Targa Florio and the Can-Am series.
The company had always been family-owned since its inception. However, in 1984 the Porsche Company went public. In 1987 the 250,000th 911 rolled off the production line. During this time the innovative clutchless manual transmission dubbed the "Tiptronic" was created in 1990. After some slow times in the 1990's the company got back on its feet and was stable once again. Porsche bought one-third of Volkswagen's shares in 2008 to expand its wealth even further.
Today the mere mention of the word Porsche brings to mind a sporty fast performance vehicle. The Porsche brand will be a part of our culture for many years to come.
When thinking about buying a Warranty for your used Porsche or extending your current Warranty whether you bought it through a dealer or privately bear the following in mind..
There are a wide range of mechanical breakdown policies ( Car Warranty ) available today. All are designed to protect buyers against the costs of sudden and unforeseen failure of a specified list of components on your vehicle. The covered components may vary according to the age and mileage of the vehicle, ranging from policies that provide wide protection on newer motors or used vehicles that are only a few years old, through to more limited covers for much older or higher mileage vehicles ( 50 000 miles or 60 000 miles is a fairly common benchmark here ).

It is very important that you are offered the correct policy for the vehicle you are buying. Therefore you should really understand the level of your cover needed for the particular model of vehicle you are buying to ensure that you actually do buy cover for the parts that are prone to failure. Generally, with a used car warranty the more extensive the level of cover i.e. protection includes a big range of components, the more you should expect to pay. You should generally pay less for a policy with a restricted list of parts covered. Find out what the weaknesses are for the model of vehicle you are buying and get a car warranty to protect yourself armed with this knowledge.

More About Extending A Car Warranty

When buying a new car you will automatically be given a manufacturer’s warranty. The Manufacturer’s warranty can be valid for a period of between one and three years. Now there is a point that can often cause confusion so here is our chance to clarify for you. Under a standard manufacturers warranty, you are free to get your car serviced at any service station/garage in the UK and still benefit from the manufacturer’s new car warranty, providing the service is carried out to the car manufacturer’s recommendations and you have informed the policy provider who you will be using.

A used car dealership could also offer a warranty that extends a two-year warranty to three years for you. Such a dealer based warranty may have many more restrictions in the small print over the original manufacturer’s warranty, so be aware of this. Some of the restrictions could be things like limiting the mileage to a maximum of 60 000 miles or that services must be done by the same dealer who has given you the warranty.

Policies May Also Have Other Limits. Warranty Policies will often have a maximum amount payable for any claim; this may range from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds. You are advised to check the adequacy of these limits bearing in mind the cost of breakdown for major components when deciding on the upper limits of your cover.

Some warranty policies have a mileage contribution clause, in which case you would have to pay something if your vehicle was improved following repair. They may also have a maximum amount payable during the life of the policy. There may be an excess that you will need to pay yourself if you have to make a claim. Some automotive components may have specific claim limits or excesses applied to them as well.
Wear and Tear
Engine failure can often be attributed to ’wear and tear’ as parts often wear down rather than break. If you do not want your warranty provider to reject a claim on these grounds you should ensure that it is clearly stated in the terms and conditions that both "mechanical breakdown" and "wear and tear" are covered by your policy.