NSN Terms and Conditions for Vehicle Checks

These terms and conditions (“The Terms”) are the terms on which (NSN Holdings Limited, registered office Gladstone House, 77-79 High Street, Egham, Surrey TW20 9HY (registered no. 4671675) (“NSN”). Registered Company Number 4413774) ("NSN") will provide the Vehicle Checks.

"NSN Garage" means any of the garages that are members of the NSN network from time to time.
“Vehicle Check” means those checks on your vehicle as are described in these Terms and the Vehicle Check report.

For the purposes of these Terms NSN means the company and all employees, agents and representatives.
The Vehicle Check Services

1. NSN will carry out the Vehicle Check, which is a visual external inspection of the vehicle, which you have requested to be examined. A full list of the points that will be checked is set out in the Vehicle Check report. NSN will only inspect those areas of the vehicle listed, but the points covered in the Vehicle Check. NSN will use its reasonable endeavors to carry out all checks in all cases but due to the nature of the Vehicle Check, it may not be possible to do so in all cases. Please note, in undertaking the Vehicle Check NSN will not be carrying out rectification work on any defects identified during the inspection. If you wish NSN can arrange for any such rectification work to undertaken at a garage in its network simply call 0871 871 1702 this rectification work would not form part of the Vehicle Check and would be paid for separately. If you wish to check if any work may be covered by your warranty contact the warranty claims team on 0844 50 90 303.
2. NSN will use reasonable skill and care when providing the Vehicle Check service, but the Vehicle Check is not a substitute for service and maintenance in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations or legal test requirements.

3. NSN will make available record of the findings of the Vehicle Check in the form of a Vehicle Check report which will be emailed to you. Where it is indicated in that report than an area of the vehicle inspected by NSN was acceptable, this means that, as at the date of the Vehicle Check being carried out, NSN considered the area to be in satisfactory condition taking into account the age of the vehicle and the purposes for which vehicles of the same type are normally used. You should bear in mind that the Vehicle Check is intended to be a general check of the vehicle’s condition only. This is not a guarantee against defects arising in the future and does not constitute a warranty.

4. To carry out the Vehicle Check NSN require: The keys to the vehicle; the Vehicle Check to be carried out during daylight hours in good weather conditions. Poor weather conditions or poor visibility may mean that the Vehicle Check is restricted; the vehicle to be in a reasonably clean condition; and the vehicle to be in a legal and roadworthy condition.

5. Failure to provide these things may affect NSN’s availability to carry out the Vehicle Check, and if NSN are unable to carry out the Vehicle Check as a result of such failure, no refund or credit of that Vehicle Check will be given. NSN will not check the vehicle with any pets or livestock on board. NSN reserve the right to refuse or stop a check should NSN consider it would be unsafe to continue.

6. In booking and cancelling your Vehicle Check, the following procedure and charges apply:


7. You should arrange your Vehicle Check by logging on to www.click4warranty.co.uk.
8. Please have your policy details ready, along with details of your vehicle, including the registration number, make, model and type of vehicle. Please note that Vehicle Checks are only available on cars.

9. NSN will try to arrange for the Vehicle Check to take place at a time and location convenient to you, whether near home or work, subject to availability. However, due to NSN and NSN Garages’ hours of business and geographical coverage, NSN may not be able to arrange a Vehicle Check on the day and at the time and location you request. In such cases NSN will offer you the nearest suitable alternative day, time and location.


10. You must give at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation of any Vehicle Check you have booked. If you change your mind, provided you give at least 24 hours notice, you can change the booking to another time. If you give less than 1 working days notice of cancellation and you may be charged a cancellation fee of £25.00.

On the day

11. You should try to turn up to your Vehicle Check appointment in good time. If you fail to turn up or make your vehicle available at your appointed time, NSN reserve the right to refuse to carry out your Vehicle Check.

12. Vehicle Check can only be performed on cars. Vehicles should be unladen for the purposes of the Vehicle Check.

13. NSN have the right not to carry out or continue with a Vehicle Check if anyone behaves in a threatening or abusive way to its staff or contractors.

14. NSN staff will not dismantle or remove any part of the vehicle. NSN do not accept any responsibility for any inherent defects in the car. The Vehicle Check is carried out for vehicle under the current owner who has taken out the warranty policy and may not be relied upon by any other person

15. If you have used the Vehicle Check service and are dissatisfied with any aspect of the service provided, please bring the complaint to NSN’s attention as soon as you can (if possible within 28 days of becoming aware of it). This does not affect your statutory rights to take legal action or exercise any other legal remedy. Please contact NSN on 0870 242 2291 or write to NSN at Network House, North Crawley Road, Newport Pagnell, Bucks, MK16 9TG.

16. Please note, to improve the quality of NSN’s service, telephone calls may be monitored and recorded.

Loss, Damage and Liability

17. NSN shall not be responsible for any unforeseeable losses; losses that were not caused by NSN's or its employees', agents' or representatives' negligence or for any business losses. This does not affect any claim that the Customer may have for death or personal injury. Nothing in this condition will affect the Customer’s statutory rights that the vehicle checks are performed with due skill and care.

18. The Customer must remove from the vehicle any valuable items not connected to the vehicle. NSN will not be responsible for the loss of, or damage to such items, the Customer must rely on their own insurance in the event of such loss or damage.

19. NSN shall not be liable for any loss or deemed to be in breach of the Terms if any delay in performing its duties or inability to perform any of its obligations is the result of factors that are beyond NSN’s reasonable control including, without limitation, the activities of civil or government authorities, third party industrial disputes, internal industrial disputes where we have taken reasonable steps to prevent the effects of such action on our services, but have been unable to do so; acts of God; or severe weather conditions.

20. At any time the Customer is on site at an NSN Garage, the Customer shall comply with all health, safety and warning notices displayed at the NSN Garage.

Sub Contracting

21. NSN shall be entitled to appoint any NSN Garage as its agent and sub-contractors to carry out its obligations under this agreement.


22. If any provision of these Terms shall be found by any court or administrative body of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the other provisions of these terms which shall remain in full force and effect.

23. The arrangements for the provision of the Vehicle Check by NSN including these terms and conditions, are governed by the laws of England.