The most useful security options for your car

A vehicle is an important investment and you want to protect your investment by making sure it has the best security features. Today's vehicles come with many security features that make it tougher for thieves to steal your car. Below you will find a brief description of some of the top security features that can be found on vehicles that thieves don't like.

Locking Wheel Bolts

Locking Wheel Bolts are used to make sure no one removes your rims or tyres. There is a high demand for rims and tyres of all kinds, so it's best to protect yours the best way you can. These types of bolts make it nearly impossible for a thief to quickly remove your wheels. They come standard on most new cars sold today. If your vehicle does not have them you can easily install them yourself.

Tracking Devices

Tracking devices are one of the most effective ways to keep your car safe and secure. This feature uses GPS technology that links up to a transmitter that is put on your vehicle. Your tracking company can then track your vehicle anywhere in the world. If you have an expensive vehicle this is one of the best ways to protect your investment.


An immobiliser is a very effective way to secure your vehicle. Today most new vehicles have immobilisers and alarms as standard features. This feature is designed to prevent a thief from driving away with your car. You need to make sure that you keep up with regular service checks if you have one fitted, as if there are any electrical problems or battery issues with your car you could find yourself stranded unexpectedly! Maintaining a proper service history is also important in terms of ensuring that your car warranty cover remains valid.

Enhanced Protection Glazing (EPG)

Enhanced Protection Glazing is a laminated glass that is harder to breakthrough. This feature makes it harder for a thief to quickly break out a window and take off in your vehicle, or rob your belongings that may have been left inside. This type of glass will also help to block harmful UV light and reduces the noise level inside the vehicle.

Security Marking

Security etching is an effective way to identify your vehicle if it is stolen. You can have the registration number of the vehicle etched onto the windscreen and windows. There is also a traceability scheme that can provide extra security. The glass and other parts on your car are marked and then the registration number is put in a secure database.
These are just some of the top car security features available to help protect your precious vehicle from thieves.