A Used Car Warranty is designed to protect you, the buyer, against the unforeseen cost of unexpected failure of specified components of your car.
A Click4Warranty Used Car Warranty Insurance policy pays toward the costs for replacement or repair of parts and labour following a breakdown of the cars insured components. 
Click4Warranty offer one Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Policy, with one clear set of terms and benefits. It’s just part of our commitment to providing a simple solution to your warranty requirements. The star rating indicates the extent of parts that are insured.

We can issue a warranty for used cars

Buying a Used Car Warranty Policy has become more important for many motorists as car repair costs soar. With an increasing number of ultra light high performance parts being fitted to newer cars, it has become more likely that the vehicle may suffer a catastrophic failure resulting in major and very expensive repair work! Who wants to feel like they are paying more for car parts and repair costs than the entire vehicle may be worth? The second hand car market is struggling, OEM replacement part prices have gone up and nothing seems to last as long as it did a few years ago.

Beware of uninsured Car Warranties

Know what to look out for when shopping for your car warranty. News of warranty provider Motorcare Elite going bankrupt has highlighted the significance of thoroughly checking that the policy you purchase is fully insured and not an obligor warranty.
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published information on their website explaining what consumers should do if they have taken out a Motorcare Elite policy.
Click4Warranty only provide insured policies that are underwritten and regulated by the FCA. This means that if you buy a policy you will be covered for the policy period in full. Our policies also have the further protection of the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). 
All our used car warranties are fully underwritten to ensure our policyholders are protected and receive the service they expect when taking out the policy.
"Be Secure, Be Prepared - a warranty policy is a good idea"
By purchasing an extension to your current Car Warranty you effectively extend the period of protection afforded by the original manufacturer's warranty beyond the standard warranty period. If you purchase cover before before the old warranties end date, you could pay less. We like to think that we offer a greater choice of cover, at better prices, than you may be offered by other insurance companies, but you will need to be the judge of that!

Weighing up the cost of a used car warranty?

"Car repairs can cost a lot of money and with times as tough as they are, no one wants to worry about ever increasing mechanics fees."
Garages have raised their repair costs substantially so doing a little research about the make and model of car you want to buy beforehand is very important. During 2010 - 2011 mechanics were charging between £60 and £120 per hour for their labour. Car parts are also very expensive. At the time of writing this article, an aftermarket brake disc set for an Audi A6 cost anywhere from £140 up to £300 depending on the model. A set of just two brake discs for the V6 Land Rover Discover III would almost certainly set you back around £220, while if you drive the fully loaded V8 the same set of brakes would set you back a massive £340. Original parts cost even more! When it comes to replacing items such as turbo’s, alternators, distributors and ECU's the costs are astronomical. 
Most households simply cannot afford these expensive surprises when mechanical parts fail without any warning.
Every penny counts and by purchasing the best policy for your car you are ensuring that you have the right level of protection. It’s prudent to spend a little extra money on a used car warranty policy, rather than potentially spending thousands of pounds on car repairs at a later stage. 
Remember, it does not matter how good the car manufacturer’s reputation might be - mechanical parts eventually wear to in all cars. After all, if we expect a new car to have a warranty, it stands to reason it is even more important to have a warranty on a used car too!

Most of us aren’t mechanics, so how do we know what we should be looking for?

Choosing which warranty cover to buy can be both confusing and frustrating. The levels of cover offered and prices asked by insurers vary wildly
You are looking for a comprehensive list of insured mechanical and electrical parts, try to steer clear of ambiguous and sweeping statements.
Our 5 Star cover provides the ultimate peace of mind as it covers most mechanical or electrical component breakdowns. In addition to the insured parts, there are many other key features that go toward making a good policy a fantastic one.
Also, try not to be confused by companies selling multiple levels of cover with names like ... “Ultimate” & “Superior” which one is better?! Look out for clear terms, available at the click of a button.