What are the central benefits of paying for a used car warranty policy in instalments?

Multi-faceted nature of a used car warranty

A used car warranty not only protects used cars, or more accurately protects the owner of a used car from the cost of fixing particular mechanical problems – but can also be purchased to extend the protection on a car bought from new once the manufacturer's warranty has expired.

The majority of second hand cars are likely to experience problems at some point, so a car warranty policy is often a sensible investment. However, many people are put off by the thought of paying for it in one lump sum.

The benefits of paying for a used car warranty in instalments 

If this sounds familiar, some warranty providers offer their customers the option of paying for cover in a number of instalments.

This is particularly beneficial in the current economic climate, with many households not in the best position to shell out a considerable sum of money in one go. Paying in instalments spreads the cost, making a warranty as affordable as possible in tough financial times.

Siding with a specialist provider of used car warranties

Click4Warranty are one of the most established used car warranty providers in the UK, with over 1 million policyholders across the country. They offer three separate levels of protection with their used car warranties, all 3 of these cover 100% parts and labour, as well as VAT.

We are dedicated to providing used car warranties direct to the customer, which is why we offer customers a policy that they can actually buy online.