What is covered by a 5star warranty policy and why should I consider it?

As the name would suggest, five-star warranty goes the extra mile to guarantee drivers complete peace of mind, even if the worst should happen. What can a five-star warranty offer you?

No restrictions on these with your Click4 warranty

You are free to make an unlimited number of claims, and the single claim limit will be applied to each one. There are also no annual mileage restrictions: your car will be protected by the policy until it has covered 150,000 miles.

Additional extras included as standard

Many policies exclude wear and tear or charge a premium to cover breakdown due to this, despite the fact that it is a common problem among vehicles. Five-star warranties cover breakdown of an insured part attributed to wear and tear.

All-inclusive used car warranty

Policies include up to £100 towards the cost of recovery to the repairing garage, up to £30 a day towards the cost of a replacement vehicle while your car is undergoing repairs, up to £60 towards hotel expenses or a return rail ticket and up to 60 days cover for driving in mainland Europe and the Republic of Ireland.
We all know how prone cars can be to mechanical and electrical difficulties, and unfortunately we're all too aware of just how much it costs to get them back on the road. Having a five star car warranty in place could prove a wise financial decision and offer you peace of mind - which is priceless!
Click4Warranty is one of the most established used car warranty providers in the UK, thousands of customers can't be wrong!