The Differences Between a Manufacturers Warranty and Used Car Dealer Warranty

Manufacturers Warranty

When buying a new car you will automatically be given a manufacturers warranty. The Manufacturers warranty can be valid for a period of between one and three years. Now; there is a point which can often cause confusion so here is our chance to clarify it for you. Under a standard manufacturers warranty, you are free to get your car serviced at any service station / garage in the UK and still benefit from the manufacturers new car warranty, providing the service is carried out to the car manufacturers recommendations and you have informed the policy provider who you will be using.

Used Car Dealers Warranties.

A used car dealership could also offer a warranty which extends a two year warranty to three years for you. Such a dealer based warranty may have many more restrictions in the small print over the original manufacturers vehicle warranty, so be aware of this. Some of the restrictions could be things like limiting the mileage to a maximum of 60 000 miles.

Another is that your car must be serviced by the same dealer who has given you the warranty.

Policies May Also Have Other Limits.

Warranty Policies will often have a maximum amount payable for any claim; this may range from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds. You are advised to check the adequacy of these limits bearing in mind the cost of breakdown for major components when deciding on the upper limits of your cover.

Some warranty policies have a mileage contribution clause, in which case you would have to pay back to the warranty supplier an amount should your vehicle was improved following repair. They may also have a maximum amount payable during the life of the policy. There may be an excess that you will need to pay yourself if you have to make a claim. Some automotive components may have specific claim limits or excesses applied to the as well.

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