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Remember, to take out warranty cover with Click4Warranty, we make it this easy->
  • You don’t need an up-to-date service history
  • You don’t need a vehicle pre-inspection
  • Your car will be covered from day one
Please note that you can only take out Warranty Insurance on your vehicle if it’s under 12 years old and/or has travelled less than 150,000 miles since new.
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Remember, when you take out warranty cover from Click4Warranty we make it this easy->
  • Your car will be covered from day one
  • You won’t need an up-to-date service history
  • You don’t need any vehicle pre-inspection
Please note that you can only take out Warranty Insurance on your vehicle if it’s under 12 years old and/or has travelled less than 150,000 miles since new.
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Click4Warranty cover gives you all this!

Cover from day one... on receipt of your premium

Covers failures identified at MOT or servicing

Cover with no pre-inspection required

Cover with no waiting periods

Cover includes Wear & Tear on covered parts

Cover per claim for your selected benefit level

What to look for when buying a warranty

A warranty can provide you with some financial peace of mind, but it’s essential to do your homework and approach this decision with caution and knowledge. Use this helpful checklist to navigate the complexities of vehicle warranties, so you can make an informed decision that suits your needs and budget.

We’re committed to treating our customers fairly

From policy design, and website content, to customer service and administering your claim, we are committed to the principles of treating you fairly. We want you to have clear and transparent information, facts delivered to you so you are empowered to make your buying decision based on what is right for you, while knowing that our policies deliver on their promises.

Just see what our customers have to say...

What can you expect from our UK car warranty insurance?

Low premiums

No additional costs when you buy car warranty insurance online, direct from Click4Warranty.

No age or mileage limits once cover starts

We don't apply any age or mileage limit on cover once your car warranty insurance policy starts.

21-day cooling off period

Full refund of premium when you cancel during this time, as long as you’ve made no claim.

No hidden charges

We won’t charge if you need to make any changes to your used car warranty cover policy.

Cover starts from day one

We don’t ask for a pre-inspection or service history before cover starts, and no waiting period is applied.

No obligation cancellations

If you cancel after the 21 day cooling period, you’ll be entitled to a pro-rata refund, less a small admin fee.

What are your options for extended car warranty cover?

We don’t want to complicate this, so we’ve kept it nice and simple. Here’s three great options for mechanical breakdown or electrical failure used car warranty cover, that’ll give you all you need, including cover for wear & tear.

Affordable used car warranty cover for a long list of covered components and up to £7,000 limit per claim.

A wide range of components and up to £7,000 limit per claim for mechanical breakdown or electrical failure

Covers an extensive range of parts and offers up to £7,000 limit per claim towards the cost of parts, labour and VAT.

When you take out used car warranty cover from us...

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How soon can my car warranty cover start?

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please feel free to call us on

How do I take out used car warranty cover?

There are multiple car warranty products on the market today and that can make it difficult to understand and get cover quickly and easily. At Click4Warranty, we don’t make you jump through hoops, we make it as simple as this:

What you need to take out car warranty cover

What you need for your car warranty to start

There’s no prior requirements. We don’t ask you for a pre-inspection and there’s no waiting period. 

Your cover will start from day one, once your premium is received. You’ll have cover towards the cost of parts, labour and VAT for the repair or replacement of the insured parts listed under the policy type you select. 

Get the extended car warranty cover that suits your needs?

Want to know what you’ll be covered for?

We're completely transparent. You'll know exactly what's covered, and the maximum we'll pay per claim. Just click here for a full list of covered components by policy option, and make the right decision for your circumstances.

Want to decide how much cover you want?

You can select your preferred claim cover amount, right up to £7,000 benefit limit per claim. So, when you have a claim you’ll have confidence because you’ll know your claim benefit limit… and there’ll be no nasty surprises.

What are our expectations of you?

There are a few things you’ll need to do... like, keep your car’s services up to date and maintain anything that needs to be fixed. And, if your service history isn't up to date, just get this done within 21 days, or 500 miles, of the start date.

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