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The only FCA Regulated Insured policy with DAY 1 COVER even for WEAR & TEAR, failure of insured parts at MOT & SERVICE and any choice of 1, 2 or 3 years cover for cars up to 12 YEARS OLD / 150,000 MILES!!

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Take the hassle out of understanding cover with our one page guide to benefits, limItations, insured parts and a quick summary of choice of policy.  We guarantee the information we provide genuinely reflects the policy terms.

Click4Warranty Insurance Backed!

  •  FCA regulated, FSCS Protected & Insurance backed
  •  Cover starts day one
  •  Cover for wear and tear starts day one
  •  Partial or no service history prior to inception no problem
  •  Guarantees approved garage repairs for up to 12 months
  •  Lowest standard excess of £10
  •  Covers vehicles up to 12 years / 150,000 miles
  •  21 days cooling off period

We Proudly Announce The Click4Group's 10th Anniversary

For more than a decade our underwriters, consultants and administrators have worked to make all Click4Group products respected as the best of their kind.

With no finishing line in business, we will continue to work hard to make sure our FCA regulated car warranty insurance backed policies continue to deserve the trust of our thousands of customers past, present and future.

We pledge our insured policies honour the terms, our services maintain integrity, and meet the high standards we set over a decade ago.  We will keep on delivering the best quality of service and comprehensive cover that's affordable at purchase and reliable at claim.

Protection And Value You Can Rely On

Click4warranty is the UK’s specialist insurer for the extended car warranty industry and underwrite a large percentage of the UK’s car warranty market both online and through car dealerships.

Our mission is to provide genuine value for money - real protection against likely failure. We're proud our premiums are amongst the lowest available, whilst our extended car policies are considered to be one of the most straightforward, reliable and comprehensive insurance policies on the market.

Best Practice, Transparency And High Standards

FCA Regulated, Insurance backed policies ensure we meet the insurance industries highest standards.

Three reasons why are our car warranty premiums are so affordable.

  1. As one of the only providers focused on supplying our niche extended car warranty insurance solutions direct to consumer, you pay wholesale premiums!
  2. We don’t invest in expensive TV ad campaigns, or pay heavy commissions to affiliates to advertise us.
  3. By providing genuine reliable protection we have achieved success through recommendation and repeat business.


The insurer - over 3 million polices and £57million paid in claims in 2015.

Choosing a car warranty company that deserves your trust is easier said than done...

A good extended warranty covers a comprehensive list of mechanical parts that are likely to go wrong, that's exactly what our warranties do!

Policies are insurance backed contracts and we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Our "At a glance" page is designed to deliver answers to questions you should ask to make sure the cover is right for you and provide straight forward details of what is and is not covered.