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Mechanical Breakdown, or Warranty, Insurance gives you invaluable financial protection against your car suffering a mechanical breakdown or electrical failure that you would otherwise face alone.

We all know that when a car breaks down, there’s always the chance that the bill will amount to hundreds, if not more, and that this is money you’ll have to either take out of savings, or from something else you’ve been setting it aside for. And, in today’s economic climate, this has even more impact on tightly strained finances. That’s why it’s so important to be sure that you have the right protection in place.

Your Mechanical Breakdown Insurance is designed to help you with these financial misfortunes, subject to the terms of your policy, by making sure you’re not alone when it comes to getting your car back on the road.

For tens of thousands of policy holders with Warranty Insurance who’ve face these repair bills, it’s been a welcome relief.

Click4Warranty cover provides much more comprehensive cover than a manufacturer warranty does. It gives you solid financial protection against the financial impact of mechanical breakdown or electrical failure of covered components, so you’re not left facing the repair bill alone. It’ll also cover the cost of labour and VAT to repair or replace these parts and cover their failure resulting from Wear & Tear.

This means that if your car breaks down as a result of the mechanical breakdown or electrical failure of any of these covered components, as long as you follow the policy requirements we’ll pay out at the claim benefit level stipulated on your policy schedule. 

There are many different types of Warranty Insurance, and it can often be challenging to decide which will best meet your requirements, as well as suit your pocket.

If you want to keep costs down to the minimum, but still cover major components

3-Star Mechanical Breakdown Insurance will cover you up for a range of key components, and failure of those components as a result of Wear & Tear. This is solid cover that will ensure you don’t face big repair bills alone.

If you want a reasonable level of cover, with a comprehensive list of components

4-Star Mechanical Breakdown Insurance will give you cover for a wide range of major components, as well as Wear & Tear, making sure you’re not left footing a big repair bill on your own, at an affordable rate.

If you want fully comprehensive protection that will cover most components

5-Star Warranty Insurance covers you for the breakdown or failure of most critical parts. This is an exhaustive list of components, including cover for Wear & Tear.

Click4Warranty Mechanical Breakdown Insurance policies are fully insured and regulated products that are designed to help you keep your car on the road… saving you from having to face the cost of repair alone.

With the average cost of mechanical breakdown or electrical failure increasing along with everything else, this is cover you may well want to consider. It also means that you’re paying at today’s rate for repairs that could well take place up to 3 years in the future.

Let’s look at a few examples of recent claim values and see if these are amounts you’d feel comfortable covering yourself.

Recent Claims*

FordInjection Pump£877.43
VolkswagenTiming Chain£641.69
MiniFuel System£482.93

* Taken from claims over the period January to July 2022 

Any car that is no longer covered by the manufacturer warranty can be covered by Click4Warranty’s Mechanical Breakdown Insurance.

Check the fully comprehensive benefits on offer in the policy wording below to see which cover suits you best. It’ll also help you to understand if this is cover you can truly afford to be without.

Click4Warranty Mechanical Breakdown Warranty Policy Wording

Click4Warranty Mechanical Breakdown Warranty Insurance Product Information Document

We try to keep things simple, and this means we don’t put obstacles in your way. All Click4Warranty policies will cover you and your car from day one, the moment your premium is received, without any pre-inspection or health-check.

Please remember to read your policy wording for full details of your cover.

You can still benefit from the protection of a Click4Warranty policy form day one, even if your car has a partial service history, no proof of service or has not been serviced by a VAT registered garage in the last 12 months.

Simply take out your cover, then make sure to have a service completed by a VAT registered garage within 21 days or 500 miles, whichever comes first. Then, simply follow the manufacturers service schedule, at the intervals set by them.

If a part breaks or fails as a result of the number of miles your car has travelled, or in the usual course of running your car, it’s considered to be failure as a result of Wear & Tear. This is the anticipated deterioration in performance of parts due to the car’s age or mileage.

Many warranty companies exclude Wear & Tear cover for the first 90 days unless a health check or pre-inspection has been carried out. This is known as a waiting period.

With Click4Warranty cover we like to keep it simple and not put obstacles in your way. As long as you abide by the terms of your policy, you’ll be covered from day one.

Your Click4Warranty warranty insurance can start any time from the very first day after your manufacturer warranty expires, so that you’re never without cover… right up to the age of 12 years. And, there’s no age limit after your policy start date.

A Warranty Insurance policy should be in the same name as the vehicle owner or keeper.

To make this as convenient as possible, there are two ways in which you can pay for your cover:

  • You can make one, single payment through your credit or debit card, and enjoy cover that will start immediately your payment is received.
  • You can pay choose to pay with our convenient monthly payment plan. This means you’ll pay a 20% deposit in month one and then nine, equal payments for the balance. This is not a credit agreement, requires no credit checks, and your cover will start as soon as your deposit payment is received.

Click here for more information

Your Click4Warranty premium will protect you for the full term of the cover you select. This could be either 12, 24 or 36 months, as long as your premium is paid in full.

If you’re fortunate enough not to be concerned about facing the cost of repair bills alone, then you may decide you don’t need Warranty Insurance.

We cover cars, vans and pickups. Your vehicle must also:

– not be non-standard, customised or modified outside of UK Manufacturer’s specifications

– not be a public service vehicle such as a police, military or fire service vehicle

– not be used for hire or reward, such as taxis, self-drive hire, driving school or delivery courier

– not be a vehicle used in any sort of rally, speed testing, 4×4 off-roading, racing or any kind of competition or trial

– not be a vehicle with a gross weight of more than 3.5 tonnes

You can check out the terms and conditions for full details.

Click4Warranty Mechanical Breakdown Warranty Policy Wording

Click4Warranty Mechanical Breakdown Warranty Insurance Product Information Document

Your policy covers up to £100 of your roadside recovery costs, as well as provide assistance with ongoing transport and/or accommodation.

Please read the policy documents for full details.

Click4Warranty Mechanical Breakdown Warranty Policy Wording

Click4Warranty Mechanical Breakdown Warranty Insurance Product Information Document

Low premiums

Buying online, directly from Click4Warranty means there’s no additional costs, resulting in big savings on your warranty cover.

21 day cooling off period

You have 21 days to decide if this cover is for you and, and as long as you haven’t made a claim during this time, your total premium will be refunded.

No age limit once cover starts

We don’t apply any age or mileage limit once your warranty cover starts, except for Wear & Tear claims, so you can drive as many miles as you like and continue to benefit from full protection.

No hidden charges

We won’t charge if you need to make an amendment to your policy at any time.

Quick and easy claims settlement

Our experienced claims advisors will arrange for your claim to be paid out within days, directly into your account.

No obligation cancellations

If you decide to cancel at any stage after 21 days, you’ll be entitled to a pro-rata refund, less a small administration fee, as long as you haven’t claimed.

If you’re looking to protect yourself and your car with trusted Warranty Insurance cover that’s designed to suit your needs, Click4Warranty will give you the confidence that comes with knowing you’re fully protected and supported should the worst happen and your car breaks down as a result of a covered failure.

Our UK-based Customer Service Team are ready and waiting to assist you on 0208 819 3424 during office hours, and via email or our online Live Chat. You can be confident they’ll take the time to understand your circumstances and explain clearly and simply what is needed.

Call us Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm

Email us anytime we’ll get back to you during office hours

The sooner you take out Mechanical Breakdown Insurance cover, the sooner you can sit back and enjoy your driving experience.

It’s quick and easy to get a quote from us, and your cover can commence from the moment your premium is received. A few simple steps is all it takes… and you’ll be comforted knowing you’ve covered this risk.

For answers to your questions, or for more information, please feel free to call our Customer Service Team on

Call us to find out more on

The policy terms for your Click4Warranty Warranty Insurance are available at the link below. It will provide all the information you need however, if you have any further questions, our UK-based Customer Service Team are on hand to help you during office hours.

Call us to find out more on

Click4Warranty Mechanical Breakdown Warranty Policy Wording

Click4Warranty Mechanical Breakdown Warranty Insurance Product Information Document

For Click4Warranty car warranty cover, your car should be aged up to 12 years when you take out your policy however, there is no upper age limit after your cover starts.

Your Warranty Insurance is valid in the UK, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, member countries of the European Community and any other country where an International Motor Insurance Green Card for your car is effective at the time of loss.

You are covered outside of the UK for up to 60 days a year.

There are a few exclusions that could result in a policy not providing cover. In addition, there are some cars that may not be eligible for cover. These include:

  • If your vehicle is older than 12 years, or has travelled more than 150,000 miles on the Start Date.
  • If your Vehicle has been modified in any way from the manufacturer’s specification, except for modifications for disability access and ease.
  • If your Vehicle is a light commercial vehicle, delivery vehicle, or panel van and exceeds 3,500kg.
  • If the vehicle is not serviced in line with the manufacturer’s specifications after the start date of the policy.

Please read the policy documents for full details.

Click4Warranty Mechanical Breakdown Warranty Policy Wording

Click4Warranty Mechanical Breakdown Warranty Insurance Product Information Document

If you sell your vehicle to a private individual, and there is still an unexpired period of cover, you will be able to transfer this cover to the new owner. All you need to do is apply in writing to the administrator before you sell the vehicle. There is a transfer fee of £50 which you must enclose with your application.

The unexpired portion of the policy will be transferred when it’s sold, as long as all the documentation is passed to the new owner and, the vehicle has been serviced and maintained since the policy start date, according to the manufacturer requirements.

Please send your application and fee to: The Administrator, AutoProtect (MBI) Ltd.,  Warwick House, Roydon Road, Harlow, Essex, CM19 5DY

Unfortunately, your warranty cannot be transferred to another vehicle.

Our UK-based Customer Service Team are available and happy to assist you during office hours.

Call us to find out more on


There never an excess payable on any Click4Warranty policy claims.

As soon as you complete your application and your premium is received, your policy documents will be emailed to you at the address you provided.

In the event you decide this cover isn’t for you, you can cancel with a full premium refund during the first 21 days, so long as you haven’t made a claim, or don’t intend making one.

If you decide to cancel after the 21 days, you will be eligible for a pro-rata refund, under the same conditions, less an administration fee of £50.

Our specialist claims managers, AutoProtect (MBI) Ltd. Have been appointed to provide you with an efficient and effective claim experience.

To register your claim, please follow the process that works best for you:


  • Download the AutoProtect App on your smartphone by searching “AutoProtect GAP”.


  • Text the word APAPP to 88802 and you’ll receive a download link via SMS (texts are charged at your standard network rate).

For more information, please click here.

Please be sure to contact us as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary delays in settling your warranty claim.

We will assist you to deal with the repairer, ensuring the issue is resolved quickly and without issue. If you let us know quicky, we will negotiate on your behalf and ensure your repair is completed properly and timeously, to avoid you being out of pocket or inconvenienced for longer than necessary.

If you have no car warranty cover in place you’ll be left facing the repair bill alone, which could have a significant impact on your finances and leave you short of funds to cover other demands.

The good news is that if you have Warranty Insurance with Click4Warranty, you won’t face this alone and you could well be protected from the stress of a financial nightmare.

Your Click4Warranty claim settlement is paid directly to the repairer, except in the case of an afterhours emergency, avoiding you being left out of pocket.

Click4Warranty pays all valid claims. However, there some circumstances in which a claim will not be considered valid, such as:

  • Neglect, corrosion, rust or deterioration.
  • Not keeping the vehicle in a roadworthy condition.
  • Not servicing the vehicle in line with the servicing requirements once the cover has started.
  • Accidents and accidental damage to the vehicle.

Your policy document will detail the full list of exclusions.

Click4Warranty Mechanical Breakdown Warranty Policy Wording

Click4Warranty Mechanical Breakdown Warranty Insurance Product Information Document

Red Sands Insurance Company (Europe) Limited, who are registered in Gibraltar (87598) and are licenced by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission are the insurers of your policy.

Monthly Payments

The Click4Warranty monthly payment plan allows you to spread the cost of you cover. On taking out your policy, you will pay a 20% deposit, and then the balance of your premium is spread over 9 convenient, monthly payments. Each monthly payment will be applied to the credit/debit card used to pay your deposit.

This is not a credit agreement and we will not search the information a credit reference agency holds about you, and your payment will not be subject to any interest rate changes made by the Bank of England.

The monthly payment amount, transaction fee and number of monthly payments you will have to pay are shown at the time of purchase, in your Policy Schedule under Payment Options.

Each monthly payment will be deducted from your assigned card on the 1st day of the month starting from the 1st day of the month following the date the policy was purchased. You do not need to schedule payment, plan payments or make a manual payment on the payment date.