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What is an Excess?

Excess is the contribution you pay towards each claim.

How much is the standard claim excess?

£10.  Click4Warranty policy holders benefit from a very low standard claim excess.  All claims are subject to the standard excess, which is just the first £10 of each claim.

In the unlikely event a claim arises for parts listed under ECU, air conditioning and electrical system within 30 days of policy start date, an early claim excess of 50%.  This only applies in the first 30 days.

Is there a higher excess for older cars?

No, the age of your car does not affect the excess of any claim, the standard £10 excess applies.

Does excess increase for cars under 60,000 miles?

No, the standard £10 excess applies for cars that have covered less than 60,000 miles when the claim is made.

Does excess increase for cars over 60,000 miles?

Where cars have covered 60,000 miles or more at point of claim, the standard low excess of £10 applies plus the following contribution depending on the mileage of your car when the claim is made

     - Up to 60,000 miles - zero
     - Up to 70,000 - 10%
     - Up to 80,000 - 20%
     - Up to 90,000 - 30%
     - Up to 100,000 - 40%
     - Over 100,000 - 50%

How does the excess work for cars over 60,000 miles?

We have used a head gasket claim to illustrate how a Click4Warranty policy reduces the cost of repairs for owners of high mileage cars.

     - Repair type.......................Head gasket
     - Labour time……................5 hours
     - Total retail repair cost.....£700 (inc vat)

STEP ONE – Discount
Due to the large volume of repairs completed for our policy holders by the approved repairer, labour will be charged at the trade rate rather than retail.  In this example, the total TRADE repair cost would be reduced to £400.

STEP TWO – mileage excess percent
The additional mileage excess percent is calculated depending on the mileage of your car when the claim is made.
     - Up to 60,000 miles - zero
     - Up to 70,000 miles - 10%
     - Up to 80,000 miles - 20%
     - Up to 90,000 miles - 30%
     - Up to 100,000 miles - 40%
     - Over 100,000 miles - 50%

STEP THREE – mileage excess contribution
This is calculated on the discounted TRADE repair cost, making the mileage excess amount in this example as follows
     - Up to 70,000 miles £40
     - Up to 80,000 miles £80
     - Up to 90,000 miles £120
     - Up to 100,000 miles £160
     - Over 100,000 miles £200

In this illustration, for cars with mileage over 60,000, the total excess you pay could be as low as £50! (£10 standard excess plus mileage excess of £40)

For cars over 100,000, the £200 mileage excess, is a vast saving on the £700 retail repair cost payable without a Click4Warranty policy!

Is the premium I pay increased depending on mileage?

No, we believe Click4Warranty stand alone in not penalising owners of high mileage cars simply to purchase a policy.

Whether your car is 10,000 or 150,000 miles, there is no increase in premium.

Choosing a Click4Warranty policy, even if your car is high mileage.....

Cover starts day one
Wear & Tear cover is included in all policies
The standard excess remains at just £10
There is NO INCREASE in premium for high mileage cars

The only Insured Car Warranty with DAY ONE cover even for WEAR & TEAR, failure of insured parts identified at MOT & SERVICE with any choice  of 1, 2 or 3 years cover for cars up to 12 years / 150,000 miles.  NO LIMIT ON AGE OR MILEAGE ONCE COVER STARTS