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What is Wear & Tear?

In car warranty terms if a part breaks, or fails, due to the mileage or running of the car, it's typically considered as failure due to “Wear & Tear”.

It's the expected deterioration or performance of a part due to the cars age or mileage.

Is cover for Wear & Tear included?

Apart from burnt or worn-out clutch parts, all Click4Warranty policies provide cover, from day one, if an insured part fails due to Wear & Tear or sudden mechanical failure. 

Does Wear & Tear cover consumables?

Car warranties don’t cover consumables (such as oils, filters, lubricants, brake pads, bulbs etc.) that are typically checked and replaced to maintain your car or during routine service.

To avoid any confusion, our warranty policies list, in full, all insured parts.

Do Click4Warranty charge for Wear & Tear cover?

No, all Click4Warranty policies cover failure of insured components due to Wear & Tear as standard.

Is there a waiting period?

All Click4Warranty policies provide cover from day one toward the cost of the repair or replacement of insured parts due to sudden mechanical failure, Wear & Tear, or identified as likely to suffer imminent breakdown by a suitably qualified engineer during routine service or MOT.

Is a vehicle inspection needed for Wear & Tear cover?

We never ask for a pre-inspection or health check to be carried out.

All that's needed to qualify for cover, is either your car has been serviced in the last 12 months by a VAT registered garage or, if it hasn't, just follow service requirements during cover... more

Do all car warranties cover Wear & Tear?

Car warranties typically exclude Wear & Tear. Those that do usually charge an additional premium and have a 30 day/1000 mile waiting period. Click4Warranty do not exclude Wear & Tear, do not charge an additional premium to include cover for Wear & Tear and do not have a waiting period.

Here is a small selection of genuine authorised and paid claims... more

Is there a bigger excess for Wear & Tear claims?

A mechanical part can develop a Wear & Tear fault at any time, so Click4Warranty don't apply a Wear & Tear excess or increase the excess due to the cars age.

If your car has covered less than 60,000 miles at point of claim, the standard low excess of £10 is applied.

Where cars have covered more than 60,000 miles at point of claim, the standard low excess of £10 is applied plus the following contribution depending on the mileage.

Mileage at point claim
Up to 70,000 - 10%
Up to 80,000 - 20%
Up to 90,000 - 30%
Up to 100,000 - 40%
Over 100,000 - 50%

Using the head gasket as an example of how this works and assuming... more

The only Insured Car Warranty with DAY ONE cover even for WEAR & TEAR, failure of insured parts identified at MOT & SERVICE with any choice of 1, 2 or 3 years cover for cars up to 12 years / 150,000 miles.  NO LIMIT ON AGE OR MILEAGE ONCE COVER STARTS