Do I Need Extended Car Warranty For A Used Car

Do I need extended car warranty coverage?

Many people buying a used car may ask themselves this question. Some cars are sold with a car warranty from a dealer, this covers for a short period after purchase, whereas an extended warranty for cars can cover the whole time you own the car. As such, it can still be confusing for the customer if they don’t know what to look for in car warranties for older vehicles. 

Should I buy an extended warranty on a used car?

A new car comes with a manufacturer warranty usually covering the first 3 years of a vehicle, and once this has come to an end the cost of breakdowns or failures becomes the car owner’s responsibility. If buying from a used car dealer, you may be provided with a used car warranty, these often only last for 3-6 months.

Purchasing an extended warranty covers your car for the period of time you own it. A car warranty provides financial protection against unforeseen mechanical breakdowns or electrical failures, paying you out to help cover the cost of repair, including parts, labour and VAT.

Below shows some recent claims which show what the financial impact of a big repair bill could be.

Recent Claims Data from 2022

  • Ford – Injection Pump – £877.43
  • Vauxhall – Gearbox – £969.03
  • Volkswagen – Timing Chain – £641.69
  • BMW – Clutch – £788.26
  • Mini – Fuel System – £482.93
  • Nissan – Suspension – £890.73
  • Audi – Brakes – £697.22


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How much does a warranty cost for a used car?

The cost of spares and maintenance for any car differ depending on the brand, model and age of the vehicle. This also applies in the case of the cost involved in purchasing an extended warranty for cars as well. You can get a variety of quotes from warranty providers which can vary immensely so ensure you look at what exactly is covered.

What should I look for in a used car warranty?

You must go through the warranty documents, identify any exclusions, and confirm the services offered before buying the extended car warranty.

Take a look at the processes for claiming on an extended car warranty and other important factor such as cover for wear and tear on vehicles as this is sometimes not included in policies.  

Things to consider when purchasing an extended car warranty?

  • Is your car covered from the onset of the warranty?  
  • Is roadside recovery included as standard?
  • Do you have to use an approved workshop for servicing?
  • Does your car need a pre-inspection for the warranty to be viable?
  • What is the excess payable on claims?
  • How many claims can you make?
  • How much does your warranty cover your car for?

Compare extended warranties coverage from a number of providers and choose the ideal option that suits your needs. 


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What are your options for extended UK car warranty cover?

We don’t want to complicate this, so we’ve kept it nice and simple. Here’s three great options for mechanical breakdown or electrical failure car warranty cover, that’ll give you all you need, including cover for wear & tear.

3-Star Car Warranty

Select this option if you want affordable cover for a long list of covered components. Gives you up to £7,000 claim limit towards the cost of parts, labour and VAT for the mechanical breakdown or electrical failure of covered parts.

4-Star Car Warranty

Select this option to cover a wide range of components on your vehicle, and get up to £7,000 claim limit towards the cost of parts, labour and VAT in the event of mechanical breakdown or electrical failure, or imminent failure identified during an MOT or service.

5-Star Car Warranty

Looking for comprehensive warranty protection? Our 5-Star warranty covers an extensive range of parts and offers up to £7,000 claim limit towards the cost of parts, labour and VAT for the mechanical breakdown or electrical failure of covered parts on your vehicle.