Used Car Warranties For Older Vehicles

As cars age, their susceptibility to wear and tear increases, leaving owners of older vehicles vulnerable to costly repairs. This is especially true for older cars that are more prone to mechanical and electrical failures. To protect against the unforeseen expenses of such failures, it is advisable to consider purchasing an extended warranty for your car.

With a warranty for an older vehicle, you can have peace of mind knowing that roadside assistance, recoveries, and a courtesy car will usually be available as part of the policy if needed. If your manufacturer’s warranty is expiring or expired already you can explore options for purchasing an extended warranty here at Click4Warranty.


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Can You Get A Warranty On A Older Car?

If your car’s manufacturer warranty has expired, you can get a warranty on most cars, subject to terms and conditions, but each policy is unique to each car. Warranty providers offer different levels of coverage, so it is worth making sure you are aware of what is covered and what is not.

Typically, your policy will outline a specific list of parts that are covered, but does not include all 5000+ parts on an average vehicle. You should always fully read any policy before you buy it, and make sure that all electrical and mechanical parts are covered.

At Click4Warranty we offer two levels of coverage Advance and Advance Plus, and cover cars up to 12 years old that have less than 120,000 miles on the clock at the start date of cover.

How Do Used Car Warranties Work?

A new car comes with a manufacturer warranty which usually lasts for 3 years. Once this has come to an end the cost of breakdowns or failures become the vehicle owner’s responsibility and, on occasion, this can have serious financial impact.

A car warranty provides financial protection against such unforeseen mechanical breakdowns or electrical failures, paying you out to help cover the cost of repairs, including parts, labour and VAT. The list of parts covered generally comprises the major mechanical and electrical components.

With Click4Warranty car warranty protection, you’ll be covered for your chosen amount, right up to the current purchase value of your vehicle. This means that every time you submit a valid claim, depending on the component that fail, you’ll get cover for parts, labour and VAT up to this value… and there’s no limit on the number of times you can claim.

Click4Warranty cover a comprehensive list of components against failure, as well as any consequential damage to other parts. We assess any claim quickly and professionally and offer support throughout the whole claims process. In addition, we pay your claim, within days, directly to the repairer. And that’s the reason you’ll be glad you took out a Click4Warranty policy.

You’ll also be comfortable knowing your Click4Warranty Mechanical Breakdown Insurance cover guarantees this list of valuable benefits in the event of a claim:

  • 30-day, no risk, money-back guarantee.
  • Cover from 1 to 3 years to suit your pocket and needs.
  • A choice of once-off payment or monthly instalments to make life easier.
  • Up to £100 roadside recovery in the event your car breaks down and can’t be driven.
  • Up to £30 a day towards a replacement vehicle while yours is off the road for repair.
  • Up to £60 for accommodation if you’re stranded far from home, or to pay for onward rail transport.


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What Is Covered On A Used Car Warranty?

To qualify for car warranty cover, most providers ask that your vehicle is correctly serviced before the policy begins. You don’t need a full service history before Click4Warranty cover you.

If your car doesn’t have a full service history you just need to make sure it’s done within 21 days or 750 miles of your cover start date, whichever comes first. Then keep your services up to date after that, as recommended by the manufacturer.

Coverage starts from day one, meaning you are covered instantly if your car needs a replacement part or a repair. A quality plan will cover all parts of your vehicle, not just some, so it is important to read the itemised list of coverage before taking out the policy to make sure you are covered in every situation.

When organising a repair for your vehicle, you can use any mechanic who is VAT registered, making it more convenient for you, as you can use a local garage, meaning drop-off and collection are much easier.

Your policy protects you in line with the market value of the vehicle at the time you take out your policy. Your car will depreciate in value, but your warranty coverage will not, meaning each claim is valued at the original price of the vehicle agreed upon.

Do Dealerships Offer Warranty On Used Cars?

Used cars sold through dealerships are often part of the “approved used” scheme and come with a 12-month warranty, while older vehicles may have a three or six-month warranty.

The Consumer Rights Act requires that any vehicle sold should be fit for purpose, as described, and of satisfactory quality. If the car fails to meet these standards, the dealership is obligated to make repairs at its own cost, and if the fault remains, the customer is entitled to a refund.

It is important to understand your rights and the potential risks before making a purchase, as some dealers may sell used cars without a warranty.


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What are your options for extended UK car warranty cover?

We don’t want to complicate this, so we’ve kept it nice and simple. Here’s three great options for mechanical breakdown or electrical failure car warranty cover, that’ll give you all you need, including cover for wear & tear.

3-Star Car Warranty

Select this option if you want affordable cover for a long list of covered components. Gives you up to £7,000 claim limit towards the cost of parts, labour and VAT for the mechanical breakdown or electrical failure of covered parts.

4-Star Car Warranty

Select this option to cover a wide range of components on your vehicle, and get up to £7,000 claim limit towards the cost of parts, labour and VAT in the event of mechanical breakdown or electrical failure, or imminent failure identified during an MOT or service.

5-Star Car Warranty

Looking for comprehensive warranty protection? Our 5-Star warranty covers an extensive range of parts and offers up to £7,000 claim limit towards the cost of parts, labour and VAT for the mechanical breakdown or electrical failure of covered parts on your vehicle.