Claim Process & Repairer

Always ensure the warranty you buy is Insurance Backed!

    Choosing a warranty company that deserves your trust is easier said than done.  Bold statements splashed across the internet, often falling short of the small print, can leave you with a nasty shock at point of claim. For a lay person, spotting these "inconsistencies" can be confusing and exhausting.  As an FCA Regulated provider we ensure our web-site reflects the cover of our policies and draws attention to significant terms. Our guides simplify the process and highlight the Click4Warranty ethical approach.

    What To Do If You Think Your Vehicle Has A Problem

    Call the Click4Warranty Claims Department 01279 456501. It really is that straight forward, no online forms to complete.  The claims process is simple, handled by telephone and we deal with the garage on your behalf.

    Five golden rules to get back on the road quickly

    •  If possible check to make sure the part that has failed is covered by the warranty.
    •  Call us at the first opportunity if you believe you may need to make a claim.
    •  Don't ask the repairer to notify us of a claim, this must be done by you.
    •  Always get an authorisation number from the claims department before you allow any work to be started otherwise you may invalidate your claim.
    •  Make sure you have your policy schedule and up to date service records available for the repairing garage.

    Where to take your car for repair

    Approved repairer

    We have appointed the UK’s leading independent car service and repair network, Halfords Autocentres, as our approved repairer.  With more ATA trained mechanics than any other independent garage, and hundreds of repair centres nationwide, Halfords Autocentres can ensure our policy holders receive the same high standard of service throughout the UK.

    Repairs carried out at the approved repairer are guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles and, whenever possible, we settle the bill with them directly so you aren't out of pocket.  

    Your own repairer

    We appreciate you may have built up a trust with your tried and tested local garage and, as long as they are vat registered, we do indeed provide the option for you to use your own repairer.

    However, although you are free to use your preferred repairer, as repairs completed by an independent garage do not affect a vehicles service history, when faced with unexpected breakdown policy holders usually opt to use the approved repairer for fast, convenient and reliable repair.

    •  Many policy holders breakdown away from home and their preferred garage
    •  With hundreds of garages throughout the UK, the approved repairer provides fast repairs.
    •  The claim technician will locate the nearest approved repairer and liaise with them on your behalf.
    •  We will settle authorise claims with the approved repairer directly whenever possible.
    •  Repairs carried out by the approved repairer are guaranteed for up to 12 months, so if a repair isn't satisfactory, it is not your responsibility or cost to resolve. 

    If you do prefer to nominate your own repairer, simply contact the Administrator for authority before work starts.  The policy will, subject to the policy type and claim limit selected at time of purchase, pay ...

    •  Up to a reasonable vat registered repairer’s retail price for parts
    •  The labour times as set out by ICME (Institute of Chartered Mechanical Engineers)
    •  The labour rate of our approved repairer

    "Repairs completed by an independent garage do not affect a vehicles service history"

    Fast convenient claim process

    Claims are administered by the UK’s leading provider of motor related insurance products to the motor trade and all calls are dealt with by NVQ qualified engineers.

    As soon as you feel there may be a problem, d
    on't wait for your car to breakdown, call us straight away.

    The fully trained claims technicians will guide you through the process, locate the nearest approved repairer and liaise with them to get you safely back on the road as quickly as possible.

    The ethical approach to labour rates

    Click4Warranty stands on the side of the consumer and does not endorse any practice that unjustifiably drives up the cost of repairs.  As such the average retail labour rate of our approved repairs is in line with the UK average.  

    When a warranty provider accepts above average hourly rates, the cost will always result in higher premiums for like for like cover and why should you pay more for a warranty because a claim paid £200 an hour to another policy holder!?

    Labour rate of our approved repairers

    As you would expect, due to the volume of repairs carried out every week, the policy labour rate substantially discounts the £100 average rate per hour individuals would pay.  One more reason why we can offer such affordable protection without compromising  cover. 

    When a valid claim is authorised, the labour rate of our approved repairer for the repair or replacement of  parts listed in the policy type you selected, (subject to the claim limit) is currently.

    •  £56.16 per hour (inc vat) if the repair is completed inside the M25
    •  £45.48 per hour (inc vat) if the repair is completed outside the M25

    Repairs carried out at our approved repairer, will cover the hourly labour rate in full if your car has covered less than 60,000 miles.  Only if your vehicle has covered over 60,000 miles is a "betterment" contribution required. see more

    If you prefer to use your own repairer, the labour content of any claim will be commensurate with the discounted labour rates of our approved repairer, the  standard  ICME  (Institute  of  Chartered  Mechanical  Engineers)  repair times, subject to the policy type, claim limit and mileage of your vehicle.