Terms & Conditions

Always ensure the warranty you buy is Insurance Backed!

At Click4Warranty we aim to make it easy to find the right Insured Warranty to meet your needs.

One clear set of terms providing a choice of three levels of protection, the higher the star rating, more parts are insured.

Choose any level of cover, any term, any claim limit - All our policies
  •  Are available for cars up to 12 years old and/or 150,000 miles
  •  Offer up to £7000 per claim toward cost of parts labour and vat related to failure of insured parts
  •  Pay toward the cost of repairs even when an insured part fails as a result of "Wear & Tear" 
  •  Cover starts day one - even for wear and tear!
  •  Covers failure of insured parts identified at MOT or Service

3 Star Warranty

Provides affordable cover towards the cost of repair or replacement of essential vehicle components. more...

4 Star Warranty

Extensive cover for costs associated with the repair or replacement of a wide range of vehicle components. more...

5 Star Warranty

Our most comprehensive policy. Covers most mechanical or electrical component breakdowns. more...

Clarity Is Our Watchword

Choosing a Warranty Insurer that deserves your trust is easier said than done. Broad statements splashed across the internet, often falling short of the small print, can leave you with a nasty shock at point of claim.

We ensure our web-site reflects the cover of our insurance backed policies and provides clear access to all the policy terms - before, during and after purchase.

For more than a decade our team - underwriters, administrators, consultants and IT crew alike have worked to make Click4Group products respected as the best of their kind and we pledge to keep on delivering the best quality of service and comprehensive cover that's affordable at purchase and reliable at claim.