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    Are All Warranty Terms Insured?

    Most buyers incorrecty assume all Warranties are Insured.  While Click4Warranty policies are Insured and protected by the FSCS, there are now websites selling "discretionary" plans with no insurance safeguards.

    ake an informed decision.
      •    I’m protected by Insurance regulations, aren’t I?
        Click4Warranty provide Insured Warranties, this is a Regulated Financial Service and we are a motor related Insurance Company authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
        ! The FCA say, if there's discretion as to whether any benefit is provided, it IS NOT a contract of insurance

      •    If a part is listed, it is covered, isn’t it?
        Click4Warranty policies are a contract of Insurance, case law explicitly establishes the obligation is enforceable and the provider DOES NOT have freedom to decline valid claims.
        ! Discretionary plans have the freedom to decide if any benefit is provided

      •   There will be enough money to pay my claim… won’t there?
        Click4Warranty underwriters are required to prove there are adequate funds set aside to pay claims (Insurance Fund).  The group currently has assetts in excess of £77m. Policies are protected by the UK’s statutory compensation scheme for customers of authorised financial services firms, the FSCS.
        ! S
        ellers of discretionary plans aren’t required to hold enough money to pay claims, potentially leaving buyers exposed to repair costs.

      •    If I’m not happy the Financial Ombudsman will help me... won’t they?
        Click4Warranty policy holders have the support of the statutory powers of the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) to settle disputes, their decisions are legally binding
        ! Discretionary plans are not underwritten by an insurance company, buyers do not have the support of the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

    Choose any level of cover, any term, any claim limit

    In accordance with the Insurance Distribution Directive, our policy holders benefit from a two page standardised Insurance Product Information Document you can view online or download to print and read at your leisure.  One clear set of terms providing a choice of three levels of protection, the higher the star rating, more parts are insured.  All Click4Warranty policies :-
    •  Are available for cars up to 12 years old / 150,000 miles at policy start (no limit once on cover)
    •  Pay toward the cost of repairs even when an insured part fails as a result of "Wear & Tear" 
    •  Cover starts day one - even for wear and tear!
    •  Covers failure of insured parts identified at MOT or Service

    3 Star Warranty

    Provides affordable cover towards the cost of repair or replacement of essential vehicle components. more...

    4 Star Warranty

    Extensive cover for costs associated with the repair or replacement of a wide range of vehicle components. more...

    5 Star Warranty

    Our most comprehensive policy. Covers most mechanical or electrical component breakdowns. more...

    Clarity Is Our Watchword

    Choosing a Warranty Insurer that deserves your trust is easier said than done. Broad statements splashed across the internet, often falling short of the small print, can leave you with a nasty shock at point of claim.

    We ensure our web-site reflects the cover of our insurance backed policies and provides clear access to all the policy terms - before, during and after purchase.

    For more than a decade our team - underwriters, administrators, consultants and IT crew alike have worked to make Click4Group products respected as the best of their kind and we pledge to keep on delivering the best quality of service and comprehensive cover that's affordable at purchase and reliable at claim.