Alfa Romeo Extended Car Warranty

We have used car warranties for all Alfa Romeo models including the Alfa Romeo; 145 ; 146 ; 156 ; 159 ; 166 ; Brera ; GT ; GTV; or even the Sportwagen, Spider and Sprint.

Alfa Romeo Car Warranties For Almost New And Used Models

The story goes that Henry Ford used to doff his hat when he saw an Alfa Romeo pass and that on the day he managed to beat the Alfas, Enzo Ferrari cried like a baby. The company has come through a century of history, contributing many memorable pages to the history of the motorcar.
The first 300 were produced under the guidance of Giuseppe Merosi, the 24 HP was both a fast and reliable car and was Alfa's first commercial success. The model found immediate favour with sports lovers for its excellent pick-up and for the accurate construction of its mechanical parts. The car had features that were modern for the time, from the single engine block to the single joint transmission. It made its track debut at the 6th Targa Florio in 1911 with two cars that stood out for their speed and road holding, which were truly sporting. The 15 HP Corsa was specially developed for the Merosi competitions in 1911, with a power output of 45 BHP. Improvements were made to this model in 1914 (the 15-20 HP) while following the pattern of the 24 HP was the 12 HP, which was less complex but had equally sparkling characteristics.

The Alfa Romeo Company:

A.L.F.A. (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili) was founded in 1910 in Milan’s Portello district by a group of Italian motor car racing enthusiasts. In 1915 Alfa was taken over by the engineer/entrepreneur Nicola Romeo, who diversified the company to supply Italy’s World War I needs for military engines. After the war and under the direction of Ugo Stella, Alfa began to specialise in car manufacturing again, producing a series of models noteworthy for their racing performance and driveability. 1920 saw production of the first car to wear the Alfa Romeo badge, the Torpedo 20-20 HP. Later models, such as the 40-60HP, boasted more muscular engines and soon earned Alfa its successful racing reputation.

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When thinking about buying a car warranty for your used Alfa Romeo or extending your current Warranty whether you bought it through a dealer or privately bear the following in mind..
There are a wide range of mechanical breakdown policies ( Car Warranty ) available today. All are designed to protect buyers against the costs of sudden and unforeseen failure of a specified list of components on your vehicle. The covered components may vary according to the age and mileage of the vehicle, ranging from policies that provide wide protection on newer motors or used vehicles that are only a few years old, through to more limited covers for much older or higher mileage vehicles ( 50 000 miles or 60 000 miles is a fairly common benchmark here ).

It is very important that you are offered the correct policy for the vehicle you are buying. Therefore you should really understand the level of you cover need for the particular model of vehicle you are buying to ensure that you actually do buy cover for the parts that are prone to failure. Generally, with a used car warranty the more extensive the level of cover i.e. protection includes a big range of components, the more you should expect to pay. You should generally pay less for a policy with a restricted list of parts covered. Find out what the weaknesses are for the model of vehicle you are buying and get a policy to protect yourself armed with this knowledge.

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