Talking About Porsche Approved Warranties.

We feel that our car warranty customers may be interested to know more about the changes Porsche have made to the Porsche Car Warranty Scheme..
Porsche is one of the most prestigious brands of car that money can buy, and many people around the planet have grown up wanting to own one. I am no exception to that rule. With the global financial-economic crisis not yet over, however, there are plenty of car buyers who are still too nervous to buy a new car at this time - especially since in the past Porsche's have only come with a one-year warranty cover, meaning that most of the second hand Porsche on the market will be sold without a warranty.
Good news.... This has now changed! Porsche has decided to launch its Approved Used Porsche scheme. An entry-level 1 year extended Porsche Warranty is priced at around £800 with a 2 year renewal on an entry level vehicle priced at just over £1500. A 1-year extension on your Porsche Cayenne will set the owner back approximately £1070 with a 2 year stand-alone warranty for the Porsche Cayenne clocking in at £2170. *Prices will most certainly have changed by the time you read this, upwards is most likely. By checking over the vehicles that are currently in use by consumers to ensure that they are in top condition, they can approve the ones that are fault-free in order to let them have an extra twelve months warranty, bringing it up to two years.

As far as we understand, the approved Porsche warranties can be extended until the Porsche is 9 years old or has covered 125 000 miles and covers pretty much all parts in the engine, fuel and cooling systems, transmission, steering, suspension, brakes, air-conditioning and heating systems, electrics and body. Quite comprehensive, apart from the fact that the Porsche approved car warranty excludes wear and tear failures, unlike the Click4Warranty Porsche Extended Warranties we sell online. The major move forward here as far as we can see is that the new approved Porsche warranty is transferable when vehicles change ownership.


By doubling the warranty on approved vehicles, Porsche hopes that more people will feel inclined to buy used models since the warranty is fully transferable whether the Porsche is being sold privately or back to a dealership. This means that plenty of people will be able to their eye out for one of the stunning cars that Porsche has to offer and can be safe in the knowledge that they are saving money by not having to replace the warranty as soon as they would have otherwise have done.
For some people, owning a Porsche is about driving a dream car, a car build for driving hard, or it's a way to show the rest of the world that you have achieved your goals because we all know that prestige vehicles do just that. By lengthening the warranty in their vehicles, Porsche has openly stated to the public that a Porsche is build to last!
With many reasons to buy a Porsche, the Approved Used Porsche scheme is a great and forward-thinking way for the Porsche company to demonstrate how they are looking to accommodate consumer concerns, and help place Porsche in front of more buyers in an already saturated second-hand dealers car market.

The Benefits Of An Extended Car Warranty.

Many older vehicles between three and five years are not likely to still be under their original warranty, so many dealers include mechanical breakdown insurance to increase their chance of selling that vehicle. These policies are generally very short and have major restrictions, so they may not always provide the level of cover that you really expect. Choose a used car from a manufacturer’s approved used scheme and the quality of the vehicle and any used car warranty that it comes with is likely to be a notch up on other deals.

This is because that dealer's company has a vested interest in selling only the best used cars and a bad warranty could damage their reputation. Buyers of hybrid vehicles may find it useful to research what types of used car warranty are available for any particular model before committing to a purchase.