BMW Car Warranty

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When speaking of luxury cars, BMW is a brand that will often be mentioned. Unknown to many people, this prestigious company started in manufacturing plane engines that were used originally in World War I and II.

Interestingly, BMW was initially established as an aircraft engine manufacturer. In fact, many people believe the BMW logo of a black circle with alternating a blue and white propeller-like interior pattern is traced to the company's origin. If this is the case, you would be wrong, and I have also just learned something there!. Different treaties during these wars, however, prompted the company to take a shift in its direction, and instead started manufacturing cars. 

BMW is a game-changer, which is exactly the reason why it is popular all over the globe. When it first introduced its four-cylinder cars, it made global headlines and served as an inspiration for the design and manufacturing of more fuel-efficient cars in the luxury market. 

Aerodynamics is one of the specializations of BMW, which is no surprise when you consider the company’s origins. This provided the company with in-depth knowledge and extensive resources in order to design cars that perform well in races. They have been victorious in various touring championships in Europe, which served as the foundation of its favorable reputation in racing. 

Power and performance, aesthetics and innovation – these are some of the things that you can expect from every BMW car, which continuously outdoes only the performance of their competitors, but also improves upon the company’s previous models. Known as “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, owning a BMW is viewed as a sign of prestige by many

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If you own a BMW, it would be best to be protected from unnecessary expenses in the future. This is possible through the extensive and comprehensive warranty coverage that we provide. We guarantee that our prices and coverage are very competitive. The warranty can cover some of the most common repairs in BMW cars, such as engine problems, electrical faults, and troubles with fuel systems, among others.

BMW 1 Series

Spirited and sporty – these are two of the words that could best describe the models within this series, which are also the only rear-wheel drive option at its size category. It might be small from the outside, but it comes with a spacious interior and provides entertainment solutions that will make driving more enjoyable.  

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BMW 3 Series

If you are looking for a luxury car that consumes fuel efficiently, this is perhaps one of the best choices for you. With this salon, you will feel like you are driving a sports car. It clings on the road and soars on the corners. A definite head turner, this model is an ideal choice for people with a penchant for style.  

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BMW 5 Series

The length, bulk, and crispness of this car, gives it is a classy look. From the inside to the outside, it is professional-looking, which is why it is seen as an executive car. This is the perfect ride for those who seek a vehicle with a professional and reserved look..  

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BMW 6 Series

The luxury grand tourers that are included in this series are perfect for those who are on the lookout for a car that can deliver executive elegance. You can choose from a coupe or convertible, depending on what suits your personality.  

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BMW 7 Series

Affluent drivers will definitely be happy with the limousines in this series. From its luxurious cabin to its powerful engine, it is designed for executive-class users who have discerning preferences. It has a wide array of game-changing innovations such as wireless charging and gesture control.  

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When you speak of performance cars, the M3 is worth mentioning. It is a sporty and aggressive sedan. It has been developed by the in-house motorsport division of BMW and has been regarded as the most successful touring car to date.  

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Compared to others from the M line of cars from BMW, the M5 looks more reserved, but nothing short of being impressive. This performance car is also fuel-efficient, making it perfect for long drives. It is also believed to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing because of its surprising power.   

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This is the high-performance cousin of the BMW 6 Series. It is aggressive, tasteful, and alluring. From the interior to the exterior, it is luxurious in more ways than one. It has a long hood and sloped windshield, adding beauty to its other impressive features.   

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This compact crossover is perfect for both urban or off-road settings, and offers a thrilling experience at every turn, as well as catching the attention of other drivers. It offers responsive steering and provides an unrivaled driving experience.    

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Compared to the X1, this is sportier and larger. The stunning design ensures that you see beauty in every corner. The aesthetic is complemented with unassuming power. It also comes with an optional two extra seats that flip up from the boot, making it an excellent choice when it comes to versatility.    

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With fearless design and impressive character, this is sure to turn heads when you are on the road. It has a powerful engine and innovative features in order to optimize driving. It also has exceptional air suspension and distinct driving modes to adapt to various situations.     

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This two-seater roadster has a low stance and curvy interiors, which are some of the reasons why it is so captivating. Whether with the top up or down, it looks beautiful – muscular while staying lean.      

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Compared to the Z4, the Z4M is sportier and more powerful. It is as beautiful, except that it packs a more dominant power, making it perform like a beast on the road. From memory seats to its upgraded audio, it is a picture of luxury is more ways than one.       

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