Reviewing the Key Features of a Great Used Car Warranty

Below are some of the key features to look out for that make an average policy a great policy. If you are comparing others with a Click4Warranty policy, look out for these.

Are you being offered a minimum of 14-day money-back guarantee?

Click4Warranty policies offer a no quibble 21-day money-back guarantee (subject to your not having submitted a claim of course).

Will you get the level of cover you really want and expect to get for your money?

We offer one Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Policy, with one clear set of terms and benefits. It's just part of our commitment to providing a simple solution to warranty requirements. The star rating simply indicates the extent of parts that are insured.

Is the policy transferable should you decide to sell the car?

Our policies can be transferred if you sell your car privately (£25 admin charge will be applied).

Where can you take your car to be repaired?

The Click4Warranty approved repairer is a leading UK MOT, car service, repairs and tyres specialist. They have more ATA trained technicians than any other garage and over 240 repair centres throughout the country. Once the repairer has the car, they call us for authority, complete the work and invoice us, wherever possible, to avoid your being out of pocket, we’ll settle authorised claims directly with the repairer.

Can I use my own repairer?

We are delighted to confirm that with Click4Warranty you are free to use your own repairer if you prefer. Simply contact the Administrator for authority before work starts. We will pay up to a reasonable vat registered repairer’s retail price for parts, labour times as set out by ICME (Institute of Chartered Mechanical Engineers) and up to the labour rate of our approved repairers Halfords Auto Centres

Are there a maximum number of claims you are allowed to make?

With a policy from us, you can relax. We offer a choice of three claim limits and there is no restriction to the number of claims you are permitted to make, providing the total amount claimed during the policy term does not exceed the value of the insured car.

What is the stipulated servicing schedule that must be followed?

Unlike many other providers, we do not require your car to have a full or even partial service history before you start your cover with us.

Some insurers slip in a clause insisting your car must have been serviced during the past year, or that it must have been serviced as per recommended by the manufacturer. It’s worth checking the policy small print, failing to meet the service standard could mean any claims made once the policy starts will be are rejected.
Our warranty policy covers cars with full, partial or no service history.


You can either follow the manufacturers’ service requirements or we provide the following alternative five-point service schedule which can be carried out by your local vat registered garage (we don’t insist on expensive franchised dealer servicing).
At intervals of 6 months or 6000 miles (whichever is the sooner)
  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Check oil levels in the gearbox and differential and top up where necessary
  • Check coolant level and antifreeze/inhibitor strength. Top up where necessary
  • Check timing belt [if fitted], renew if necessary
  • Brake fluid must be replaced in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendation
If your service history is missing or incomplete when cover starts, either a manufacturer service or the alternative five-point service schedule must be completed within 21 days or 500 miles (whichever is sooner)

How long must you wait before you can claim?

Click4Warranty have no hidden clauses imposing waiting periods. Your car is covered from day one and you can submit a valid claim immediately after the inception of the policy.
Some other companies don’t pay for a breakdown that occurs in the first 30, 60 or even 90 days of cover! This means a 12-month policy may only provide cover for as little as nine months! It’s always worth checking the small print.

Is there a limit on labour costs?

We pay the full cost of labour, as set out by ICME (Institute of Chartered Mechanical Engineers), at any of our approved repairers. If you prefer to use your own repairer you may be asked to pay an additional amount if their hourly labour rate is higher.

Is there additional cover for things like the turbo charger or 4wd systems?

Yes, we offer additional cover for 4x4, turbo chargers, air-conditioning and also abs braking for example.

Is there cover against breakdown due to wear and tear included?

"Wear and tear" is the expected reduction in performance of a part due to the cars age, mileage and/or use. Many companies exclude it; while others charge a premium to cover it. All our policies cover breakdown of an insured part attributed to wear and tear.

Is there any increase in premium for high mileage cars?

Most providers penalise high mileage car drivers irrespective of whether a claim is made or not, by unfairly loading the price. We don’t! Instead we require a contribution toward the cost of repairs in the event of a valid claim. This is known as "The Z Scale" and means that instead of paying a premium loading at the outset, there is a contribution for mileage contribution in the event of a making a claim. Not unreasonable as the car is in better condition than it was before the policy started!

Is there an annual mileage limit?

Our vehicle warranties have no limit on the annual mileage you drive. Your car will continue to be protected by a Click4warranty policy until the car has covered 150,000 mile.

Is vehicle recovery included?

We will pay up to £100 towards the cost of recovery to the repairing garage.

Is replacement car hire included?

Our polices include up to £30 a day towards the cost of a replacement vehicle while your car is being repaired.

Is there overnight accommodation and rail fairs included?

All included as standard on our polices; up to £60 towards hotel expenses or a return rail ticket.

Is European Cover included?

Up to 60 days cover for driving in the Republic of Ireland and mainland Europe included as standard.

The Benefits Of Having Cover

If your car is under three years old and has been serviced in accordance with the manufacturers’ specification, you may be able to enjoy the protection of the manufacturer’s warranty, which stays with the vehicle if it is sold on by the original owner. But once the manufacturer’s warranty expires, you’re on your own unless you have extended the cover. 
However, the benefit of a Used Car Warranty doesn’t begin and end with protection against costs of parts and labour, there are other benefits too.
Selling your car with a warranty is a strong selling point. Potential buyers definitely value the additional protection afforded by a Warranty and they may be more inclined to buy your car than an identical car without the same cover.
In the UK second hand dealers often include short-term cover of between three and six months. When buying a used car consider purchasing from a manufacturer’s approved used car scheme. The quality of the car and any warranty which comes with it is likely to be a notch above that form other used car dealer’s. The manufacturer’s approved scheme is a sign that both the manufacturer and the dealership have a stake in selling only the best quality cars. When this warranty expires, be sure to get a quote from us.

Vehicles Are Getting Bigger and Stronger By the Minute

Modern cars are better built and their engines are more powerful than ever before. Modern motoring has brought reliability with it and engines are capable of doing very high mileages. This is in part since the owners are actually taking better care of their vehicles, including servicing their cars more often while also using better quality replacement parts. Using a better quality of consumables such as timing belts and top quality lubricants also increases a cars reliability dramatically. 
You could easily expect to find a great used car of three years to four years old with as little as 40,000 miles on the clock. This is great news for used car buyers who can pick up a fantastic car with low mileage and a great service history. Together with a good used car warranty purchased at a competitive price, a quality used car could be exactly what you are looking for. It’s worth doing the research, there should be plenty cars out there and at a price that you can afford!