Citroen used car warranty specialists

Citroen has always been an industry leader in automotive technology. Their Lane Departure Warning System can now be found on selected models, the Lane Departure Warning System alerts the driver if the vehicle drifts out of a lane through a vibration in the seat. Citroen's Tyre Pressure Detector system regularly measures the pressure of the vehicles tyre's, signalling any de-inflation of the tyre's before your safety is put at risk. The correctly inflated tyre's also contributed to vastly improved fuel consumption and lower tyre wear. Citroen's' Head-Up Display is just plain out there! This technology is used in Fighter Jets, now you can get this absolutely amazing feature in your car! I want one. The Head-up Display makes a significant contribution to safety with its direct read-out. Drivers assimilate data more quickly and do not have to look away from the road. We could carry on and on with the technological features Citroen has placed in their cars, but let us move on.

Passenger and pedestrian safety has always been a priority at Citroën

Along with radical design and innovation. The designers and engineers at Citroën have produced a product line-up that has truly surpassed industry expectations, combining the three key ingredients of Safety, Design and Innovation to produce a range of vehicles that not only looks good but sets new standards for occupant and pedestrian safety. One such feature is the revolutionary Active Bonnet System. The world first for Citroën, should there be a collision/accident involving a vehicle and a pedestrian, the bonnet is propelled upward to absorb the energy of the distortion. Making for a much better chance that fatalities are less likely to happen* Speed limits and other variables must be accounted for, though. What impresses the Click4Group most is the active response to social awareness shown by Citroen!
Incorporating character, spaciousness, comfort and versatility the C3 range is really designed for happiness! This spacious and modern five-door super mini now comes in an 1100cc and 1400cc fuel injected and HDCI diesel version and has a cool 16V petrol available. The C3 comes with immobiliser, power steering, CD player and onboard computer, air bags and even air con. The styling looks even solid but stylish with an aggressive grill and colour coded bumpers, new front and rear chevrons and crisp new crystal coloured rear lights. Just look at how nice the C3 diesel looks inside.


The New C-CROSSER is a Sports Utility Vehicle 4x4 that has a stylish design blending a sporty, any terrain friendly look and feel, without that all too familiar aggressive Landrover look. There is the standard two front seats with a 5 seat rear combination for families, and the interior has a layout and overall vehicle setup allows for a comfortable ride. The 2.2 HDi direct injection diesel engine provides 156hp with loads of torque which is important in an all-terrain vehicle. Emissions are low and this should make the environmentalist happy and sends a clear message to UK motorists that Citroen does listen when it comes to looking at the future of motoring. It has been reported that Citroen's concept chief Emmanuel Lafaury said: "We are doing a lot of research into hybrid technology because we think it's ideal for off-road vehicles. There's room to put the electric engine in the back and it's a good solution for 4x4s in the future. It proves to people that, just because a car can go anywhere, it doesn't have to be dirty or harmful to the environment."
When thinking about buying a Warranty for your used Citroen or an extended car warranty cover whether you bought it from a dealer or privately bear the following in mind.
There is a wide range of mechanical breakdown policies ( Car Warranty ) available today. All are designed to protect buyers against the costs of sudden and unforeseen failure of a specified list of components on your vehicle. The covered components may vary according to the age and mileage of the vehicle, ranging from policies that provide wide protection on newer motors or used vehicles that are only a few years old, through to more limited covers for much older or higher mileage vehicles ( 50 000 miles or 60 000 miles is a fairly common benchmark here ). It is very important that you are offered the correct policy for the vehicle you are buying. Therefore you should really understand the level of you cover the need for the particular model of vehicle you are buying to ensure that you actually do buy the cover for the parts that are prone to failure. Generally, with a used car warranty the more extensive the level of cover i.e. protection includes a big range of components, the more you should expect to pay. You should generally pay less for a policy with a restricted list of parts covered. Find out what the weaknesses are for the model of vehicle you are buying and get a policy to protect yourself armed with this knowledge.