How to Avoid Buying an Illegal Car

How to go about not purchasing an illegal vehicle.

There are many reliable used cars on the market. However, if you are not careful and don't thoroughly check out the car prior to purchase, you might be buying an illegal vehicle - meaning that organising insurance and car warranty cover will be the least of your worries!

One of the easiest ways to avoid buying a dodgy motor is to simply ensure that you go to a reputable used car dealership. However, with the rise and rise of certain auction sites, the temptation to find a bargain is huge, leading some poor unsuspecting motorists into deep waters.
Many cars are written off each year by insurance companies because of damage or theft. It is becoming more common in this country for car criminals to patch up a written-off vehicle and try to sell it on privately - this is not only illegal but highly dangerous as there could be underlying structural damage after an accident.

Do your motor homework!

Spend some time researching your chosen make and model. Whether you spend a few hours online looking at vehicles within your chosen category, do a bit of legwork and chat to some dealers, or talk to people you know about their experiences when buying a used car - the time spent will be well worth it. You'll be forewarned and forearmed with this knowledge, and anything amiss should ring some warning bells.
Having a HPI vehicle check done on a car before you buy it can ensure you are getting a vehicle that is not stolen or in any other way illegal. A vehicle check will give you a ton of information about the car you are looking to purchase. It checks for many different things including if there is any outstanding finance on it. If a vehicle has an outstanding loan when you purchased it, you may become liable for the money owed. You could also end up losing the vehicle.
Getting a vehicle check will help ensure that you are getting a car that doesn't have a hidden history or has been disguised in some way. Sometimes a dishonest seller will fiddle with the odometer on a vehicle to make it seem like it has been driven less. This is called clocking and is illegal. If the mileage is not correct you could be paying for a car that has a good deal more wear and tear than you think.
The used car trade really is a "buyer beware" market. To make sure you are getting an auto that is legal a vehicle check is a must. A vehicle check will give you peace of mind and help you make a wise and considered purchase safe in the knowledge that the basic legality of the car is not in question.