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We guarantee the information is accurate and a factual representation of the information in the policy terms.  Of course it's not a complete list, the policy terms provide full details, and we always recommend you take a moment to read through them.

What is this type of insurance?

All Click4Warranty policies provide protection, from day one, toward the cost of parts, labour and vat for the repair or replacement of the insured parts listed under the policy type selected by you; due to wear and tear, sudden mechanical failure or identified as likely to suffer imminent breakdown by a suitably qualified engineer during routine service or MOT. 

All policies offer a “per claim” limit of up to £7000 and up to 3 years cover.

Select any level of cover

Click4Warranty are the only online Warranty Company where policy holders can select any level of cover if the car is under 12 years old/150,000 miles at the start of the policy no limit once cover starts.

Our most affordable warranty protects the same parts and enjoys all the benefits of 4- & 5-STAR cover for engine, manual and automatic gearbox, differential, continuously variable transmission ctx, propshaft, torque converter and casings.  Covers up to £7000 per claim towards the cost of parts labour and vat related to mechanical failure of insured parts.

Up to £7000 per claim towards the cost of parts labour and vat for mechanical failure of 3 STAR parts + more.  For just a small increase in premium upgrade to 4-STAR to add to the protection and benefits of our 3 STAR Warranty to include cover for parts under clutch, brakes, steering, coil springs, working materials and limited electrical components. 

Looking for comprehensive protection?  5-STAR adds cover for front & rear wheel drive and suspension, engine management (ECU), fuel injection system plus extensive electrical system including electric window motors, central locking and distributor.  Covers up to £7000 per claim towards costs related to mechanical failure of our most extensive list of insured parts.

An Insured Warranty that includes ALL THIS as standard !

Our Car Warranty policies have been written, together with our Underwriters, exclusively for Click4Warranty, to meet the Insurance Industries highest standards and provide affordable cover toward the cost of parts, labour and vat for repair or replacement of insured parts up to your chosen claim limit.

We are proud to maintain THE ONLY fully Insured, FSCS Protected Warranty where EVERY POLICY provides  ALL THIS as standard for cars up to 12 years/150,000 miles at the policy start
no age or mileage limit after start date
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